Who's featured on Twibs.com homepage? - You Decide!

How it works.
Step 1. Find a business
Just go to your favorite business page on twibs.com. So, for example, if you wanted to vote for WholeFoods, you would just click on their name from a list on twibs and you will to be taken to their business homepage on twibs.com.

Step 2. Vote for it!
Once you have found a business you want to vote for, just click on the large vote button on the right side of the page. Only one vote per person for each business, but remember, every vote counts so you can vote on as many businesses as you like!

Step 3. Spread the word!
Help push your favorite business to the top! After you have voted, you can tell your followers to vote for that business as well by clicking the "tell your followers" link, below the vote button. It will allow you to tweet the page you are on, helping your followers find and vote for your favorites business as well.

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