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Steampunk Etsy (SteampunkRings) - 51,730 followers - Canada
ETSY Steampunk Jewelry,Modern ,Antique,Retro-futuristic designer artist and Etsy Entrepreneur interested in Handmade Crafts Art Photography Fashion and Fantasy
19 Moons (19moons) - 14,025 followers - Pittsburgh
Steampunk Jewelry Designer, Green Eco Crafter, Animator, Lover of Handmade, Sci-fi, Birds, Bugs and all that's Weird & Wonderful from here to 19 Moons!
Sistersoftmoon (Sistersoftmoon) - 4,948 followers - RI
Clothing, Hair and Accessories for the dark side
Donna Ryan (DRyan327) - 3,643 followers - Frisco, Texas
Hand Crafted Jewelry featuring Steampunk & Vintage Restored. Love our children, our friends, our dogs, Etsy & DECORATING!
The Etsy Steam Team (steamteam) - 3,143 followers - Worldwide
The Etsy Steam Team is a team of makers, tinkerers, mad scientists and unnatural historians who are interested in creating and promoting the steampunk genre.
Vintage Books Etsy (VintageEtsy) - 3,139 followers - San Diego
Great Vintage & Antique Finds.. Mostly just Poetry & War Books so far, but much more to come..
Kim (Among_The_Ruins) - 1,978 followers - Gurnee, Illinois, USA
Jewelry designer/creator on Etsy, non-judgemental believer in Jesus Christ, happy housewife, mom, violinist, pianist, good listener with a big heart.
Maureen B Z (cosmos_moon) - 1,427 followers - Tucson AZ / Florence Italy
Maureen BZ, Metalsmith/Artist I love My rescue dog Liberal goofball, art/music geek, Artist. Oh,+ I have a couple Etsy shops Cosmosmoon + braceletworkshop
Lex Machina (lexmachine) - 1,127 followers - Detroit
Photographer, designer, steampunk vixen.
Tressa Brittell (Puppycatmeow) - 1,121 followers - Columbia , MO
I have been a hairstylist for a long long time... but now I am specializing in fantasy hair including hair extensions and dread falls. I also like costuming
Emily (nullalux) - 909 followers - San Mateo, CA
χαλεπὰ τὰ καλά. I enjoy poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.
Dr.Insectus (InSectus) - 857 followers - Melbourne, Australia
Maker of Steampunk, Gothic and Industrial Jewelry and Artefacts
Brigid Ashwood (skwerlgrrl) - 823 followers - Maryland
I'm an artist who paints steampunk bugs, clockwork dolls, fairytales & vinyl toys. I also write for
Sheri Jones (GrouseandBadger) - 643 followers - Modesto, CA
Antique dealer for 10 years, repurposed jewelry artist for 5 years.
Lilly's Workshop (LillysWorkshop) - 564 followers - Las Vegas
Lover of sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, science, technology and fashion. A mad scientist/physicist/crafter. My wife Steph (in the photo) does most of the tweeting.
pinkwaterfairy (pinkwaterfairy) - 469 followers - Berkshire, UK
jewellery maker extraordinaire, general craft tart I love my bf, my kids, Pingu, my cats, steampunk, buttons, brass, copper, cake not necessarily in that order
Brettney Perr (YeWenchie) - 464 followers - Los Angeles
Mother of one, crafter of many fine things and vessel of random useless knowledge and most of all a VamPirate Ninja!
MadArtjewelry (MadArtjewelry) - 404 followers - North Carollina
Award-winning metalsmith/jeweler
Courtesan Macabre (MadameMacabre) - 331 followers - GOTHam (aka NYC)...where else?
Exquisite finds in Gothic fashion, culture and style