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Kevin Rose (kevinrose) - 1,214,155 followers - San Francisco, CA
Tech angel investor. Founder of, Random ideas, entrepreneur, climber of rocks, video blogger, & tea drinker.
Facebook (facebook) - 754,238 followers - Palo Alto, California
Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.
Digsby (digsby) - 137,457 followers - Rochester, NY
Digsby lets you manage all your IM, email, and social network accounts from one easy-to-use application.
Smosh (smosh) - 116,606 followers - California
Arr matey. The official Smosh Twitter feed.
Coachforyou (Coachforyou) - 111,318 followers - Dresden, Germany
Mountain Biker and Life Coach for: Online Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking, Web 2.0, Blogger. If you can dream it, you can do it.
Little, Brown and Co (littlebrown) - 106,090 followers - New York
One of the U.S.'s oldest and most distinguished publishing houses, Little, Brown publishes James Patterson,David Sedaris,Anita Shreve,Malcom Gladwell &more
Social Media News (SocialNetDaily) - 103,983 followers - Michigan, USA
Our mission is to provide our subscribers with the very best resources for Social Media to help them grow their business!
Just 1 Word Bible (Just1Word) - 64,359 followers - Everywhere
We're changing the way you view the Bible with fully formatted text, red letters and SmartSearch
Still Safe® (stillsafe) - 41,612 followers - London UK
Still Safe® Is here to help prevent your problems & provide your solutions, so no matter where you are, you're always Still Safe!
Social Network Women (DonnaAntoniadis) - 39,236 followers - Toronto, ON and Boston, MA
Digital,Mobile,Social Leader and co-founder of social networking site for women @Forbes Top 20 Best-Branded Women On Twitter
Women Social Media (Christinekorda) - 29,561 followers - Canada
All things social - I tweet to share knowledge - join me on facebook and linkedin too!
The Secret Alliance (TheSecretLOA) - 27,813 followers - Worldwide
The Secret Alliance, social network for Law of Attraction community. Positive, spiritual, motivational
Jeff Knize (JeffKnize) - 24,095 followers - Chicago
CEO -, and Axiom Capital Tax Lien Fund.
Dr. Clemens Neukirch (DocNeukirch) - 20,293 followers - Oldenburg, germany
Healthexpert, Salutogenesis, Prevention, Coach Doctor, Psychotherapist, Social Networking, Social Media, TweetUps, Online Marketing
imeem (imeem) - 20,169 followers - San Francisco
Follow imeem, the world’s largest social music service, to get tweets about the latest and hottest music. You can also tweet any song/playlist from!
Stephanie Persells (DigitalArtFem) - 19,108 followers - Bowling Green, Ohio
I am a social marketing consultant. I can help you build your business through social networks.
Tsu_VIP (Tsu_VIP) - 18,261 followers - Global
Tsu Social Network Info Page all about Tsü. #tsu #tutorials #training #followers Invite
Volkan Özçelik (linkibol) - 16,146 followers - istanbul
I have been involved with the highly dynamic medium of web2.0 communities and startups. See to find more about me ;)
Dawn Pigoni - SMVA (dawntrenee) - 13,113 followers - Gilberts, IL
Social Media Virtual Assistant, I assist businesses with social media marketing