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3D Creation Lab (3DCreationLab) - 2,587 followers - Bristol
3D Printing service ¦ High Quality Rapid Prototype models
Greg Smith (xgineer) - 1,002 followers - San Diego, CA
technology enthusiast, guitarist, chowdah head, Xgineer, and husband.
ProtoShare (ProtoShare) - 744 followers - Portland, Oregon USA
ProtoShare is a collaborative, web-based prototyping tool that reduces interactive project rework while increasing profits.
Neal Greenberg (SchmartBoard) - 397 followers - Fremont, CA
SchmartBoard makes hand soldering surface mount components easy
Ben Widdowson (true_ben) - 178 followers - Manchester
Innovation . Design . Business . Tech
Pixel Envy Designs (yaypixelenvy) - 106 followers - Indianapolis, IN
I establish identity and strengthen the relationship between marketable brands and their faithful followers through impeccable design.
David Duncan (idwsca) - 67 followers - Toronto
Industrial Designer, Product Development, Creative Engineering, 3D CAD, Rapid Prototyping.
OpalRT (OpalRT) - 55 followers - Montreal, Canada
OPAL-RT is the leading developer of open Real-Time Digital Simulators and HIL testing equipment for electrical, electro-mechanical and power electronics system.
James Jendrzejewski (jjAppliedPD) - 47 followers - New Hampshire, USA
Engineered solutions for optimized innovation.
SculptCAD (SculptCAD) - 26 followers - Dallas Texas
The Leader in Developing Manufacturable Sculptural and Organic Models and Tooling.
appsdevelopment (appsdevelopment) - 10 followers - India
Palak Patel - iPhone Application Developer dealing with all kind of Mobile Application Development and Game Development.
Proto-Form (proto4m) - 2 followers - Northwest Arkansas
plastic, prototypes, prototyping, packaging, clamshell, blister, design, product, displays, development