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Media Jobs UK (TwitjobsMedia) - 21,105 followers - London
TwitJobs UK - We're Human, not bots! and tweet cool UK media jobs all day from our social job site, TwitJobs. For more - visit
iMediaCoach BoCable (iMediaTips) - 8,003 followers - Everywhere
Tools, tips and tactics from top internet and social media experts. Combined here just for you, to help you leverage Social Media and the Internet
Melissa Fortune Redd (CohesionMrktg) - 7,268 followers - Charlotte, NC #QC
Doing what I love by assisting You in doing what You love; RealTime Web Aficionado, Social Media Partisan, W O M Success Story. Whats New,Whats Now,Whats Next
Celestine Chukumba (celestichukumba) - 6,723 followers - NYC, NJ, Philly
Celestine O. Chukumba Ph.D. Economist, New Media Analyst/Econometrician, Web Analytics Expert, Search/Social Engine Marketing-Internet Consultant. Musician-DJ
For Dummies (ForDummies) - 4,245 followers - Hoboken, NJ and Indy, IN
Welcome to the For Dummies Twitter Page. You will find featured articles from, book and author news, and more! For Dummies-Making Everything Easier!
Dr. Robert White (robwhiteus) - 3,466 followers - Crawfordsville, Indiana
A New Media Consultant, Trainer and Talk Show Host. Host of Podcaster Training and the main producer for The NMP Network.
BobbyRettew (BobbyRettew) - 3,297 followers - Anderson, SC
It's all about stories...I tell ya! Helping people tell rich stories!
Stanley Brewster (foto208com) - 3,291 followers - Idaho, Nampa
Freelance photojournalist and professional photographer.
Barbara Baker (BarbaraKB) - 3,178 followers - Cincinnati, Ohio
Passionate about media especially new, social and emerging. Enjoy family, gardening and my town, Cincinnati. Tweeting since 03/07!
April Smith (AprilFilms) - 2,821 followers - Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Freelance New Media/Social Media Maker for @AHAMEDIA, Citizen Journalist, Project Leader/Trainer for @FearlessCity with @W2Woodwards - W2 Community Media Arts
New Media Strategies (NMSosphere) - 2,622 followers - Arlington, VA
New Media Strategies established the world's first social media marketing firm in 1999.
Dayn Wilberding (dayn) - 1,807 followers - Portland, OR
Director of Digital Culture & Strategy @GradyBritton. Brand maker. UX Designer. Wireframer. Social median. @Twuffer cofounder. New media hacker. Washed up DJ.
Joyce Schwarz (joycecom) - 1,744 followers - Marina Del Rey, California
New product & company startup PR, marketing & biz dev advisor, 75 startups emusic to Xbox kinect tech Bestselling author, speaker on future of media Los Angeles
FLYP Media (FLYPMedia) - 1,636 followers - New York, New York
The best of print journalism merged with interactivity, FLYP is a dynamic magazine.
The NewCom Group (NewCom) - 1,476 followers - Albany, NY and Hollywood, CA
Full Service Ad Agency / PR Firm
osmosis (osmosisfutzing) - 1,389 followers - johannesburg
Disruptivator - osmosis is a viral creative think tank - we are word of mouth social media guerrillas - spiritual not a believer in abusive christianity
Daniel Serbe (icmedium) - 1,292 followers - Netland | Europe
Strategist and Marketer - Learning Social in the Act and share some of my researches and highlights.
DianeClohesy (genius2genius) - 1,204 followers - Miami
Entrepreneur; New Media Consultant; Internet Marketer; Coach & Trainer; Lyme Advocate & Lymie Seeking the Cure.
Moxley Carmichael (moxcar) - 1,096 followers - Knoxville, TN
Moxley Carmichael: A leading PR firm in Knoxville, TN