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Zack (KMApOoTeRs) - 2,810 followers - Wisconsin
Husband, Dad, Grandfather (sounds old), Entrepreneur. I prefer Linux Ubuntu and OpenOffice but will use MS 4 those we cannot convert.
Acceleris (accelerisgmbh) - 2,209 followers - Switzerland
Europe's leading Unix / Linux System Integrator. Great Hardware and Software Deals
Linux Solutions (linuxsolutions) - 916 followers - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Linux Solutions é uma empresa de consultoria de informática especializada em software livre com 10 anos de existência
Christopher Skelton (sketec) - 526 followers - Roanoke, VA USA
I'm a web and graphics designer located in Roanoke, VA.
Denis Szalkowski (bloginfo) - 431 followers - France
Elu de Saint Eloi de Fourques (Haute-Normandie) près de Brionne - Formateur Linux, Sgbdr, Sécurité, Php, Perl, ...
MyTechBrief (mytechbrief) - 187 followers - US
Visit us at Your location for Tech News, Articles, How-To's, Buyer's Guides, and Product Reviews
DisklessWorkstations (DLWS) - 159 followers - Troy Michigan
Specializing in Thin Client Deployments/Hardware/Solutions. Green Technology to Enable your Users and Save Your Organization Money!
ajg9k (ajg9k) - 120 followers - Pittsburgh, PA
I reinvented myself and selected the SysAdmin + Nerd option.
eRacks Open Source (eRacks) - 92 followers - Orange, CA
open source rackmount vendor
VedaSolutions (VedaSolutions) - 81 followers - Hyderabad, India
Leading Linux Device Drivers, Embedded Linux Training and Development Company in India
Thin Client Europe (thinclient_eu) - 64 followers - Leicester UK
Linux, and XP thin clients in Europe. Thin client options: wireless, tablet, touch screen, Linux MCE, Windows and AS400/iSeries terminals & software.
Cranston Software (Cranstonsoftwar) - 55 followers - Boston,Chicago. Minneapolis
We are an Open Software developer and consultancy
DSFC (DSFC) - 36 followers - Detroit
Detroit Shock Fan Club - '08 Champs - welcome all Shock fans
David Gower (osalternatives) - 25 followers - UK
Success through Innovation. Open minds, Open sources, Open future. :)
dotLinuX (d0tlinux) - 17 followers - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Open Source & GNU/Linux Solutions for everyone
Posilan Ltd (Posilan) - 12 followers - Manchester
Complete IT services for Manchester and the surrounding area.