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Aquent (aquenteer) - 1,820 followers - LA + OC
aquent : AY - kwent. origins: Greek, a (not) + Latin, sequent (follow) 1. n. not a follower 2. v. to strike out on one's own - to chart one's own course.
AirRunMobile (AirRunMobile) - 544 followers - Chicago
AirRun is a location-based community job hub. Its an iPhone app that lets you outsource anything and lets anyone looking for work complete those jobs.
Workopolis (workopolisjobs) - 97 followers - Canada
This is a temporary test account. You can find us under our official 'Workopolis' account. Thank you.
jobGears (jobgears) - 42 followers - Barcelona
We are a brand new app. We will come on January 7th with a lot of features to increase your job exposure.

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