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biz (biz) - 1,688,068 followers - San Francisco, CA
Co-founder of Twitter, Inc.
ev (ev) - 1,306,982 followers - San Francisco, CA, US
Farm boy from Nebraska. Husband and father. Co-founder of Twitter.
pierre (pierre) - 356,553 followers - Honolulu, HI
Be you. Be cool. eBay, Omidyar Network, Peer News/Civil Beat.
Peter Jones (dragonjones) - 223,978 followers - London
Entrepreneur, Investor, founder of the UK's 1st Enterprise Academy. Creator of American Inventor in US & Star of Dragons' Den in UK.
Inc. Magazine (IncMagazine) - 217,450 followers - New York City
The magazine for entrepreneurs. Broadcasting live from New York City.
Steve Driscoll (implu) - 101,393 followers - Charlotte, NC
implu makes public domain information easy to find. e.g. public companies, nonprofits, lobbyists, patents, federal contracts & nursing homes to name a few.
Entrepreneur (EntMagazine) - 53,840 followers - Irvine, California
Entrepreneur is the magazine for the small-business community.
Anita Campbell (smallbiztrends) - 52,498 followers - Cleveland, Ohio
CEO, Small Business Trends, an online small biz community reaching over 250,000 each month. Small business success ... delivered daily
Daniel Stoica (DanielStoicaTax) - 43,743 followers - Roscoe, Illinois, USA
Consulting, Accounting and Tax Professional dedicated to translating your passion into a successful business! #taxes
SARAH PROUT (sarahprout) - 42,191 followers - Sunshine Coast, Australia
Author of THE POWER OF INFLUENCE, lover of metaphysics, #LOA, entrepreneur, publisher and creator of
Shelly Kramer (ShellyKramer) - 37,145 followers - Kansas City, MO
Marketing/brand strategist, idea generator, creator of buzz 'n awareness, scribbler, social media lovah+information junkie. Luv MilkDuds+Beer
Bill Inman (billinman) - 29,893 followers - Manhattan Beach, CA
I love creating successful biz/start-ups, innovation, personal growth, tech 2 make biz/life easy/fun, fitness/sports and most of all family.
Steve Kimball (EconomyHeroes) - 26,610 followers - Richmond, VA
Tweets for our Economy's Heroes - entrepreneurs and executives of emerging and middle market businesses and those that advise them.
narendra (narendra) - 24,855 followers - San Francisco, CA
CEO, The Start Project. Creator Webshots, 30 Boxes, Power Twitter. chmod a+rwx
Sandi Maki (sandimaki) - 23,852 followers - Brighton, MI
Social Media Strategist, creative solutions to navigate new media and grow your business.
joshk (joshk) - 20,865 followers - Philly
VC. Father. Geek
Matthew Sapaula (MatthewSapaula) - 20,396 followers - Chicago
Proud father, personal finance blogger and speaker, financial strategist, TV commentator and talk show host of Chicago's Money Smart Radio
Josh Hinds (joshhinds) - 17,492 followers - Alabama
Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneurial Educator: I run a network of personal development sites and ezine called Let's Talk Motivation. It's your life, LIVE BIG!
Heather Porter (businesshostess) - 16,557 followers - Australia
Helping people find fame online as an expert. I love giving back and getting into trouble (the good kind).
Dave Dauber (DaveDauber) - 16,040 followers - New Jersey
Time to learn the truth. Learn who is robbing you everyday of your freedom!