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Wal Heinrich (DragonfireWal) - 8,807 followers - Australia
DRAGONFIRE is love of passion - passion for joy, joy of life, inspiration, purity, self mastery, goodness, healing all life on Earth including Earth Mother.
A Course In Miracles (miracle_virus) - 5,355 followers - Here and Now
ACIM: And from this light will the great rays extend back into darkness and forward unto God. To shine away the past, and so make room for His Eternal Presence.
Jan and Wal Heinrich (JanAndWal) - 4,496 followers - Adelaide
Holistic Therapists, Life Coaches, Authors of books spiritual, enlightenment, divine resonance, personal transformation and integration.
Fulfilled Destiny (fulfillddestiny) - 2,814 followers - Infinite
Where YOU get to Discuss, Share, Contribute YOUr Mind’s thoughts to the HOW, WHEN, WHERE, & WHY to Fulfill YOUr Destiny NOW!

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