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Michael Johns (michaeljohns) - 16,799 followers - New Jersey, USA
Tea Party leader, health care executive, conservative writer. Former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation policy analyst. Friend to all.
Celestine Chukumba (celestichukumba) - 6,723 followers - NYC, NJ, Philly
Celestine O. Chukumba Ph.D. Economist, New Media Analyst/Econometrician, Web Analytics Expert, Search/Social Engine Marketing-Internet Consultant. Musician-DJ
Tory Capital Econ. (torycapital) - 5,555 followers - NYC, NJ, Philly
Tory Capital Economics Blog focuses on economics data, market analysis, financial news, stocks, media, technology, politics, gadgets. style and entertainment.
The Daily Reckoning (DailyReckoning) - 3,788 followers - Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Entertaining literary economic perspective, contrarian ideas and market analysis.
Ed Hall (SEMI) (SEMI_mktstats) - 1,855 followers - San Jose, CA
Home of the SEMI equipment Book-to-Bill and the World Fab Forecast. Will tweet (and RT) and follow interesting info on technology, research, and market data.
DailyMe U.S. News (DailyMeNews) - 837 followers -
US National News Coverage on Politics, Economics, Education and more from Aggregated News Sources.
Eric Fruits, Ph.D. (ericfruits) - 658 followers - Portland, OR
Financial economist and statistician specializing in securities, valuation, competition, war crimes. Expert witness in state, federal, international courts.
Lord Abbett & Co.LLC (lordabbett) - 570 followers - Jersey City, NJ
Lord Abbett was founded in 1929 and is one of the oldest asset management firms in the United States. Lord Abbett & Co. LLC / Lord Abbett Distributor LLC
DailyMe World News (DailyMeWorld) - 472 followers -
Comprehensive Coverage of International News and World Events from Leading Sources.
Kim Butler (kimdhbutler) - 396 followers - Mt. Enterprise, TX
Prosperity Economics Advisor, Owner, committed to Strategic Coach, Todd Langford, our kids, our alpacas, Truth Concepts users, growing
Mª Celeste G.Box (mcgbox) - 358 followers - City Bell | Argentina
Political Scientist (DEEPLY and hopeless in love with Economics) | Former chronicall seeker I finally became a chronicall finder | Movieholic (or 'cinemaholic')
EconEdLink (EconEdLink) - 154 followers - New York, NY
Economics & Personal Finance Resources for K-12
jwzenconomics (jwzenconomics) - 16 followers -
Editor and Publisher:, Author: The Individual is Rising