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Doug Williams (dougw) - 325,935 followers - San Francisco, CA
Biz Dev at Twitter, runner, reader, and pretty much everything in between on this list:
Guy Kawasaki (GuyKawasaki) - 319,612 followers - Silicon Valley, California
Firehose that answers the question, What's interesting? Co-founder of Alltop. Former chief evangelist of Apple. Author of Enchantment.
Google Apps (googleapps) - 50,176 followers - Mountain View, CA
Google Apps news for ISVs, SIs, & Resellers, moderated by Don Dodge from Developer Relations.
VentureBeat (VentureBeat) - 33,708 followers - San Francisco
News about Tech, Money and Innovation
Bill Inman (billinman) - 29,893 followers - Manhattan Beach, CA
I love creating successful biz/start-ups, innovation, personal growth, tech 2 make biz/life easy/fun, fitness/sports and most of all family.
paulg (paulg) - 29,104 followers -
jimydotorg (jimydotorg) - 12,914 followers - Philly, PA
iphone app developer
twilio (Twilio) - 11,482 followers - San Francisco
We build simple, powerful, pay-as-you-go APIs for cloud communications. Voice and SMS are now simple webhooks. Language agnostic, all developers welcome!
High Strung Yuppie (high_strung) - 9,519 followers - Dallas, Texas
Sales | Insurance | Real Estate Investing | Law | Libertarian | Type 'A' Personality | Venture Capitalist | Chris Aikins LLC
Psychologist NH (DrCarlHindy) - 8,735 followers - Nashua, NH 03060 Southern NH
NH Clinical Psychologist, Marriage Counselor, Psychotherapist. Co-author of relationship book, IF THIS IS LOVE, WHY DO I FEEL SO INSECURE? Now 23rd printing!
Danny Jackson (DannyJacksonCHt) - 8,671 followers - Florida
Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist helping people improve their lives.
Frank (first) - 7,959 followers - Freiburg, Germany
Global superhero ( on his way through the internet - looking for YOU. My mission: to strenghten the weak ties and spread good memes!
First Round Capital (firstround) - 7,703 followers - Philadelphia, San Fran & NY
Seed-stage investors
True Ventures (trueventures) - 5,916 followers - San Francisco & Palo Alto, CA
True Ventures is a very early stage venture firm investing in internet, media, and software.
danprimack (danprimack) - 5,179 followers - Boston
Dan has returned to the workforce as a senior editor at Get his new daily email by clicking on the URL.
joshuabaer (joshuabaer) - 4,756 followers - Austin, TX, USA
Austinpreneur, husband, father, future space explorer.
Alternative Health (HolisticTherapy) - 4,626 followers - London
Complementary therapy, alternative health and integrative medicine resource and directory
Sue Lynn (affordablehome) - 4,285 followers - Arizona
This is a fantastic time to be entering the business world, because business is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50Bill Gates
foursquareapi (foursquareapi) - 4,246 followers -