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biz (biz) - 1,688,068 followers - San Francisco, CA
Co-founder of Twitter, Inc.
jw (jw) - 7,930 followers - Austin, Texas
Co-founder + CEO of Gowalla, Urban Cowboy Fashion Consultant, Inventor of the Rainbow Bar™ (ask @keeg)
SimpleGeo (SimpleGeo) - 6,996 followers - SF + Boulder
We make it easy for developers to create location-aware applications.
MelodyMcC (MelodyMcC) - 5,198 followers - San Francisco
I started, I love traveling, tech and beauty/wellness.
SunniBrown (SunniBrown) - 3,295 followers - Keep Austin Weird, TX
on a mission to get words and pictures back together
gzicherm (gzicherm) - 3,169 followers - iPhone: 33.808968,-84.361565
Author, Speaker and Expert on Gamification and Game Mechanics. My Book: & my Blog: (Bubblicious) - 2,162 followers - Silicon Valley is here to help capture the excitement behind everything two point oh – especially the party and event scenes in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.
Yodle (Yodle) - 1,856 followers - New York, NY
Yodle provides local businesses with a simple and affordable way to promote their services using online advertising. Follow Yodle...
as (idnow04) - 901 followers -
#best #tweeple, blogs, sites, tweets, trends; creator of #fabsfri #idkbc #apeeps3; tags: ff twitter retweets verified lists; best 150k in 2 months twcounter
jonathant (jonathant) - 886 followers - Barranquilla, Colombia
CEO @koombea, pasionate about agile web development, startups and product strategy.
andymayer (andymayer) - 756 followers - Sheffield & London
Founder of Agile web agency @yoomeehq that makes cool social web platforms for social change. Geek, father, husband, Lotus fan and keen fencer - touché!
convctn23 (convctn23) - 597 followers - ÜT: 33.755772,-117.46111
what is leadership? how to succeed (not necessarily financial)? balance. communications. connectedness. twitter, the reason for. no spammers please. #crt
MaryTreseler (MaryTreseler) - 489 followers - Dartmouth, MA
Editorial Strategist, OReilly Media Inc.
yoomeehq (yoomeehq) - 423 followers - London & Sheffield
Agile web agency that designs and builds social web software for social good. Mucho experience with voluntary sector and youth.
YodleCourt (YodleCourt) - 272 followers - New York City
CEO, Yodle
ruthyplater (ruthyplater) - 171 followers - Cologne
Digital and affiliate marketing professional and entrepreneur. Business developer and all round communicator both in virtual and real worlds.
_thacher (_thacher) - 170 followers - here and there, mostly here
Experience Designer, Culture Engineer, Social Practitioner, Occasional Jam-Maker, Adventurer, erstwhile Jejune Institute Producer and former Vacation Surrogate
ianleader (ianleader) - 91 followers - ÜT: 51.90398,-0.202574
johnberk (johnberk) - 87 followers - new york ny
Entrepreneur, son, friend, brother, follower, leader, dreamer, and believer. Co-Founder and VP of National Accounts at Yodle Inc.
AvivWecler (AvivWecler) - 64 followers - NY NY
Recruiting and Cooking. At Yodle I hire Technology and Product talent. I cook at home.

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