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Guy Kawasaki (GuyKawasaki) - 319,612 followers - Silicon Valley, California
Firehose that answers the question, What's interesting? Co-founder of Alltop. Former chief evangelist of Apple. Author of Enchantment.
VentureBeat (VentureBeat) - 33,708 followers - San Francisco
News about Tech, Money and Innovation
paulg (paulg) - 29,104 followers -
jimydotorg (jimydotorg) - 12,914 followers - Philly, PA
iphone app developer
High Strung Yuppie (high_strung) - 9,519 followers - Dallas, Texas
Sales | Insurance | Real Estate Investing | Law | Libertarian | Type 'A' Personality | Venture Capitalist | Chris Aikins LLC
First Round Capital (firstround) - 7,703 followers - Philadelphia, San Fran & NY
Seed-stage investors
True Ventures (trueventures) - 5,916 followers - San Francisco & Palo Alto, CA
True Ventures is a very early stage venture firm investing in internet, media, and software.
danprimack (danprimack) - 5,179 followers - Boston
Dan has returned to the workforce as a senior editor at Get his new daily email by clicking on the URL.
joshuabaer (joshuabaer) - 4,756 followers - Austin, TX, USA
Austinpreneur, husband, father, future space explorer.
venture51 (venture51) - 3,573 followers - Scottsdale, AZ
venture51 is an early-stage venture fund built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.
Jay Levy (ZelkovaVC) - 2,558 followers - New York, NY
Early Stage VC, Supporter of Startups and Runner.
The TotSpot Team (totspot) - 2,484 followers - LA / NY / BOS
Create a private page for your child. A product by @meetcharlie
phineasb (phineasb) - 2,454 followers - EastSide
First Round Capital, SneakerheadVC
Lowercase (Lowercase) - 2,157 followers - San Francisco, CA
We invest in startups, acquire later stage companies, and advise businesses and funds of all sizes on strategy and execution.
hkanji (hkanji) - 1,938 followers - √úT: 0.0,0.0
tech startup investor / former vc at accel / former entrepreneur (iLike) - 1,868 followers - Seattle, WA
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TonyMak (TonyMak) - 1,815 followers - San Francisco
VC, entrepreneurship, technology, snow/wake-boarding
Chris Arsenault (chrisarsenault) - 1,806 followers - Montreal
Entrepreneur turned VC w/iNovia Capital. Founded/funded & launched great & not-so-great tech startups. Looking for the next amazing entrepreneur to back!
MAQuarterly (MAQuarterly) - 1,795 followers - UK
Powerful lessons on how to ensure that your M&A stragegy are successful for you and your business
hackfwdtalent (hackfwdtalent) - 1,556 followers - Paris
I deal with everything Talent related at HackFwd. Love food, wine and Paris.