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ariannahuff (ariannahuff) - 578,099 followers -
president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group
ChrisKnight (ChrisKnight) - 23,567 followers - Silicon Cheese Valley, WI
CEO of @EzineArticles - Entrepreneur, Speed, User-Experience Obsessed and Data-Driven. Loves Rball, Running, Fitness, and DSLR.
bwilliams (bwilliams) - 22,901 followers -
NBC Nightly News Anchor and Managing Editor
rachelsterne (rachelsterne) - 15,024 followers - √úT: 40.719976,-74.000372
Chief Digital Officer for NYC. @ me with your ideas for tech and NYC government.
alansmurray (alansmurray) - 11,665 followers - New York
Wall Street Journal Deputy Managing Editor and Executive Editor Online
mcrispinmiller (mcrispinmiller) - 11,293 followers - New York
Mark Crispin Miller is professor of media studies at New York University and the author of the book: Fooled Again, How the Right Stole the 2004 Elections.
Neowin Team (NeowinFeed) - 10,177 followers - The Internets
Where unprofessional journalism looks better
  • #Tech news
  • stephentotilo (stephentotilo) - 8,815 followers - Brooklyn
    I play lots of video games.
    emilysteel (emilysteel) - 8,615 followers - NYC
    digital media and marketing reporter @ WSJ
    MalcolmMoore (MalcolmMoore) - 5,273 followers - Shanghai
    Shanghai Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph
    Mixergy (Mixergy) - 4,557 followers -
    I interview successful entrepreneurs on
    zseward (zseward) - 3,875 followers - New York, NY
    Outreach editor for Formerly @NiemanLab.
    cfarivar (cfarivar) - 2,488 followers - Bonn, Germany
    Sci-Tech Editor, Deutsche Welle English / Author, The Internet of Elsewhere (Rutgers Press, May 2011) / cfarivar [at]
    tomwarren (tomwarren) - 2,457 followers - London, UK
    Founder of Primarily focused on Microsoft news and reviews.
    JulieG (JulieG) - 2,378 followers - Washington, DC
    Digital public affairs. Love the intersection between advocacy, politics & tech. Need travel, good books, and absinthe for survival.
    jonathanweisman (jonathanweisman) - 2,335 followers - Washington, DC
    White House reporter, Wall Street Journal
    SamuelAxon (SamuelAxon) - 2,117 followers - 41.940254,-87.672555
    Editorial Director at Sprout Social. Senior Editor at Tecca. Entertainment & tech writer, digital media consultant. Previously of Mashable, Engadget and others.
    MattGarrahan (MattGarrahan) - 2,052 followers - Los Angeles
    Englishman in LA covering everything California for the FT. Available for weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs. Views on here are my own blah blah blah
    dkberman (dkberman) - 1,963 followers -
    Wall Street Journal Columnist, Money & Investing Deputy Bureau Chief. I run M&A, bankruptcy, and private equity coverage for the Journal.
    NYTPRGUY (NYTPRGUY) - 1,784 followers - NYC
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, The New York Times Company. All opinions are my own.

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