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biz (biz) - 1,688,068 followers - San Francisco, CA
Co-founder of Twitter, Inc.
ev (ev) - 1,306,982 followers - San Francisco, CA, US
Farm boy from Nebraska. Husband and father. Co-founder of Twitter.
pierre (pierre) - 356,553 followers - Honolulu, HI
Be you. Be cool. eBay, Omidyar Network, Peer News/Civil Beat.
narendra (narendra) - 24,855 followers - San Francisco, CA
CEO, The Start Project. Creator Webshots, 30 Boxes, Power Twitter. chmod a+rwx
joshk (joshk) - 20,865 followers - Philly
VC. Father. Geek
bijan (bijan) - 14,472 followers - Boston
venture capitalist, dad, husband, music lover, optimist (disclosure: Twitter investor & board member)
Borthwick (Borthwick) - 10,392 followers - New York
CEO @betaworks
naveen (naveen) - 10,268 followers - New York, New York
co-founder, foursquare.
naval (naval) - 8,393 followers - San Francisco, CA
Founder Epinions, Vast, AngelList, Author Startupboy, Venturehacks, Investor Twitter, 4SQ, Jambool
dbounds (dbounds) - 8,023 followers - Florida
Creative, Passionate with a dash of ADD.
broganmedia (broganmedia) - 8,005 followers - Airplanes
A more pure stream of chrisbrogan media, run by chris.
jw (jw) - 7,930 followers - Austin, Texas
Co-founder + CEO of Gowalla, Urban Cowboy Fashion Consultant, Inventor of the Rainbow Bar™ (ask @keeg)
davidcohen (davidcohen) - 7,332 followers - Boulder, CO
Founder/CEO of TechStars. Investor in Amazing Startups. Geeky to the bone.
SimpleGeo (SimpleGeo) - 6,996 followers - SF + Boulder
We make it easy for developers to create location-aware applications.
monstro (monstro) - 6,597 followers - Your lying eyes.
Never was a cornflake girl.
dcancel (dcancel) - 6,456 followers - Boston, MA
CEO & Founder @Performable. Love creating and advising startups! Previously started @Ghostery, @Lookery and @Compete.
karllong (karllong) - 5,868 followers - san francisco
xNokia games group, now working on social/mobile games. skype: karllong
rstephens (rstephens) - 5,514 followers - iPhone: 44.882271,-93.213028
CTO, Best Buy      Founder, The Geek Squad
jonbischke (jonbischke) - 5,431 followers - San Francisco, CA
EIR at Battery Ventures, Founder of eduFire, LearnOutLoud, Legacy Foundation, Unleashed & more
MelodyMcC (MelodyMcC) - 5,198 followers - San Francisco
I started, I love traveling, tech and beauty/wellness.