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TheGodLight (TheGodLight) - 67,277 followers - ۞ The Heart Of Truth & Love
Spiritual Wisdom: Befriender of Souls: Conveyor of Love: Philosophy, Poetry, Spiritual Growth & Inspirational Writing:
Yvonne Handford (HealingWithin) - 46,022 followers - Australia
Yvonne Handford is an Author, Speaker, Coach, Psychic and Healing Master of Reiki and other Healing Modalities,and Blogging, SEO, Social Networking & Mum
Phillip Mountrose (HolisticDrPhil) - 34,860 followers - San Luis Obispo, California
Works with holistic minded people who are longing to get their messages out and create thriving lives and businesses, WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!
The Secret Alliance (TheSecretLOA) - 27,813 followers - Worldwide
The Secret Alliance, social network for Law of Attraction community. Positive, spiritual, motivational
Chris Willitts (mindfulmuscle) - 13,278 followers - Ann Arbor, MI
Founder of Mindful Muscle, a site that provides information/instruction on elevating the mind and body through meditation, yoga, and mindful strength training.
Tony Samara (tonysamara) - 13,041 followers - London
With the guidance of Tony Samara, discover a path of profound transformation, evolution of consciousness and inner peace.
Shelagh at Spiritus (SpiritusShelagh) - 9,148 followers - UK, and connected worldwide
At Spiritus we connect great people and businesses - and wonderful things happen....
Jason Nelson (jasonnelsonsoul) - 9,058 followers - Los Angeles, CA
Jason is a spiritual coach who helps people achieve their purpose.
Wal Heinrich (DragonfireWal) - 8,807 followers - Australia
DRAGONFIRE is love of passion - passion for joy, joy of life, inspiration, purity, self mastery, goodness, healing all life on Earth including Earth Mother.
beliefnet (beliefnet) - 7,907 followers - New York
World's largest multi-faith, spirtuality and inspiration website. Yes, we have recipes and horoscopes too.
Dwayne McLean (pgready) - 7,795 followers - Georgia, USA
Editor and publisher of a Christian blog called People Get Ready
meditation society (freemeditate) - 6,651 followers - australia
keep in touch with updates on our new classes (with free guided meditation mp3s), spiritual activities, inspirational quotes & more
Humanity Healing (humanityhealing) - 5,356 followers - Richmond, VA
There is only One Earth. There is only One Humanity.
A Course In Miracles (miracle_virus) - 5,355 followers - Here and Now
ACIM: And from this light will the great rays extend back into darkness and forward unto God. To shine away the past, and so make room for His Eternal Presence.
Fardhie Hantary (fardhie) - 4,733 followers - Heaven and Earth
Spiritual Teacher, Psychologist, Author, Composer, Penasehat Rohaniah
Jan and Wal Heinrich (JanAndWal) - 4,496 followers - Adelaide
Holistic Therapists, Life Coaches, Authors of books spiritual, enlightenment, divine resonance, personal transformation and integration.
tsemtulku (tsemtulku) - 4,212 followers - MALAYSIA
Taiwan-born, recognised@8mths, sent 2 USA@7yrs,met 1stGuru@8yrs, left home@16yrs, RootGuru Zong Rinpoche, ordained by HH Dalai Lama, trying my best 2help others
Zen Blog Art Writer (EnlightenYurDay) - 4,166 followers - Vancouver Yaletown BC Canada
A Cup of Enlightened Zen & Artistic Beauty. Amplifying inspirational vibes, a healthy vitality and Vibrant Social Media Dreams. iMnoYogi-ImhereiMNow
9 (Kabbalahinfo) - 3,389 followers - Global
The largest source of free Kabbalah and Zohar resources on the web