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FansOfFilm (FansOfFilm) - 15,402 followers - Albuquerque, New Mexico
is for film making professionals to showcase their best work from #Youtube and #Vimeo, so the fans can find you in all the #video chatter #indiefilm #community
davechensky (davechensky) - 6,754 followers - Boston, MA. AIM=Davechensky
I host and produce the Slashfilmcast, the official podcast of
jenyamato (jenyamato) - 4,653 followers - Los Angeles
Movie nerd, writer, karaoke addict. West Coast Editor at Movieline.
alwayswatching (alwayswatching) - 3,933 followers - California
I run, and co-host the /Filmcast for I like movies.
mattzollerseitz (mattzollerseitz) - 3,434 followers - Brooklyn, NY TV columnist; film critic; filmmaker; insomniac.
IndieGoGo (IndieGoGo) - 3,156 followers -
A Collaborative Way to Fund Ideas -- IndieGoGo is a crowdfunding website anyone can use.
MattGoldberg (MattGoldberg) - 2,092 followers - Atlanta, GA
Managing Editor for
frontrowreviews (frontrowreviews) - 1,258 followers - UK
Front Row Reviews brings you the latest news, reviews & gossip to help you choose which films are right for you. Choosing a movie to watch has never been easier
boobsandblood (boobsandblood) - 1,163 followers - Los Angeles
BOOBS & BLOOD: celebrating Worldwide Grindhouse Cinema, & Psychotronica - through an annual festival, premieres, cabaret, meetings, books and films! PHEW!!!
FinalGirlProj (FinalGirlProj) - 757 followers - Toronto
Lady with a machete and enough nerd credentials to break your skull in. Warning: #DoctorWho, #Buffy and #Lost references in plentiful supply.
Univarn (Univarn) - 391 followers - Wake Forest, NC
I write the film blog A Life in Equinox, and occasionally host a movie quiz podcast - The Film Enigma
RejectRadio (RejectRadio) - 282 followers - Austin, Texas
Taking Movies Seriously Since 1981
angrymoor (angrymoor) - 273 followers - Hampton, VA
Loser. Blogger. Gyllenhaalic. Film nut. Pirate. Arr!
CineMEH (CineMEH) - 29 followers -
CineMEH is a movie review site dedicated to getting you stoked on the bad, the awful, and the AWESOME.
TWBSpodcast (TWBSpodcast) - 28 followers - North Hollywood
FilmFanMan (FilmFanMan) - 8 followers - South Jersey

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