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ESP Emporium (ESPemporium) - 21,265 followers - Chicagoland
Loose leaf tea retailer which specializes in green tea, black tea, blended tea, herbal tea, Rooibos, wellness tea, organic tea, fruit tea, iced tea, tea gifts..
santocha (santocha) - 1,137 followers - São Paulo, SP, Brasil
Produtos de Qualidade! Clientes 100% Satisfeitos!
aoimatcha (aoimatcha) - 750 followers - Huntington Beach, CA
AOI has a rich, hundred-year history in the harvesting and manufacturing of Authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea. Available for Wholesale, Bulk and Retail.
Green Tea Powder (iMatcha) - 193 followers - 3rd rock from the sun
Save $5 off your first order! Use coupon code twitter_2011 at checkout.
tea advice (goodteaman) - 134 followers - United States
Good Tea Advice for those who love tea and those just starting to enjoy tea, from Black tea to White tea and all in between.
Duc Chau (ducky) - 107 followers - Los Angeles
Founder & VP of Engineering @
Eat Green Tea (eatgreentea) - 86 followers - Wherever the world calls for e
Why just drink the stuff and throw away the goodness in the leaves? EAT THE WHOLE LEAF! 95 times more antioxidants in the whole leaf compared to brewed tea.
jayateas (jayateas) - 42 followers - Princeton, New Jersey
Premium teas from the highlands of India - now available online