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Barack Obama News (ObamaNews) - 210,610 followers - Washington DC
News about Barack Obama - UNOFFICIAL TWITTER
rohitbhargava (rohitbhargava) - 18,187 followers - Washington DC
I write a blog about influential marketing. I work at Ogilvy. I have a personality. I wrote a book on why personality matters:
Talk of the Nation (totn) - 12,657 followers - Washington DC
Tweets from the folks who bring you NPR's Talk of the Nation
New Music (indiefeed) - 12,356 followers - Washington DC
Celebrating over 100 million listens! One-song music shows in 6 fresh genres, crafted by real music lovers just like you. (americagov) - 12,257 followers - Washington DC
Engaging the world
WWF US (WWFUS) - 11,838 followers - Washington DC
The largest multinational conservation organization in the world, WWF works in 100 countries.
Dog Travel (DogTravelComp) - 11,825 followers - Washington DC, USA
Full Service Travel Club for Dog lovers & their dogs
GeniusRocket (GeniusRocket) - 10,441 followers - Washington DC
We are an Ad Agency powered by the creative crowd. Offering both a marketplace for film and high end design.
Claudine Hellmuth (collageartist) - 10,410 followers - Washington DC - U Street
artist, author, illustrator, workshop instructor. designs licensed products for craft + gift markets. Married to @paulglester. Slave to 1 fat cat + a doggie!
JESS3™ (jess3) - 8,757 followers - Washington DC
Jesse Thomas, founder and CEO of JESS3™, a creative agency known for data visualization. Email ( or @ us if you have questions. We are hiring!!!!!!
EcoHomeMagazine (EcoHomeMagazine) - 6,821 followers - Washington DC
Devoted to the Latest Trends in Green Building Products and Technology
Luz Aguirrebena (soulhangout) - 6,386 followers - Washington DC area
Inspiring Millennials Master the Art of the Entrepreneur Mindset, to become a Thought Master.The 7 Pillars of Thought, the Foundation of the Mindset
Hannah Del Porto (hcdelp) - 2,989 followers - Mexico City, Washington DC
Senior Director, Analytics at ImpactWatch.
webmindset (webmindset) - 2,586 followers - Washington DC - DMV
LEED AP, CAPS certified, Marine 0351, father of 3, editor, Swedish, skydiver, scuba diver. journalist, Theodent, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team Sergio Penha, Gnomie
lynda (designoptions) - 2,318 followers - washington dc metro
artist, designer, jeweler, gardener, blogger
grassfed media (grassfedmedia) - 2,295 followers - Washington DC
Fresh. Authentic. Never artificial. Content, PR, and marketing for socially responsible and green companies.
Robert Swanwick (SpkrInteractive) - 2,241 followers - Washington DC metro
Professional Speakers in Digital Form
cherskoubo (SkouboGraphics) - 1,839 followers - Washington DC
Mobile, social media and tech news @SkouboGraphics. Flash, websites, infographics, print design—creating a better world, one pixel at a time!