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Justin Flitter (JustinFlitter) - 34,270 followers - Auckland, New Zealand
Professional Fish Tank Cleaner (Retired) | Social Media Manager @Zendesk | #custserv #cmgr
Whitt Hamilton (NzWebhostingPro) - 17,727 followers - New Zealand
I am a small business retail store owner who has found times tough during current recession. It's time to share seo & marketting tips.
Telecom New Zealand (TelecomNZ) - 10,619 followers - New Zealand
Official Telecom New Zealand tweets. Check out the team on our Twitter page. Try online community comms manager Richard Irvine if you need to get in touch.
icebreakernz (icebreakernz) - 7,418 followers - Wellington, New Zealand
Icebreaker is the leader in premium merino wool performance clothing. We use only pure merino wool from the New Zealand Southern Alps.
Josie (CharmedMemory) - 2,922 followers - New Zealand
Digital Collage Sheets & Handmade memory charm jewelry created with a passion for all things vintage. For my jewelry check out
taboohairsalon (taboohairsalon) - 2,532 followers - Wellington New Zealand
Fully Qualified Experienced Hairdressers In Karori Wellington. Professional Quality Work Guaranteed. Special offer for you on our website, check it out!
Derry Brown (derrybrown) - 2,343 followers - Auckland, New Zealand
ETF trader, numbers dork and mechanical systems engineer. Loves investing, the stock market, talking business, boxing, fitness, travel and adventures.
Kim Crawford Wines (kimcrawfordwine) - 2,186 followers - New Zealand
It’s not until you experience the fresh, exciting and generous taste exploding on your palate that you can truly appreciate Kim Crawford Wines.
Kirsty (mummybrain) - 2,000 followers - New Zealand
Mum of 2, Custodial Stepmama to 3, Fiance of @nzg33k
Donna HealthyRecipes (healthy_recipes) - 1,563 followers - New Zealand
Into healthy food, raw food recipes, green, self-sufficient living. Founder of
Gusto Design (Gustodesign) - 1,544 followers - New Zealand
Gusto revolves around honest relationships, open exchanges of ideas, opinions and energy. We’re passionate about the creative process.
Robin Dickie (chchrob) - 1,502 followers - Auckland, New Zealand
Sales & marketing manager @ Web Drive.
LeighWinters (LeighWinters) - 1,481 followers - New Zealand
Produce Beats Business Solutions EasyCash@ # I ALWAYS FOLLOW BACK
4 (EziBed) - 1,352 followers - New Zealand
We're, a leading online last minute accommodation company. Follow us to get the latest travel news, trip planning advice and deals.
Hornet Juice (HornetJuice) - 1,349 followers - Auckland, New Zealand
The Official Hornet Juice Account. Fire away ur questions on HJ! On duty: Rina, Mike or Jasmin
Scott E (usable_brand) - 1,253 followers - Dunedin, New Zealand
Scott is a Dunedin New Zealand online marketing + usability consultant + Master of Entrepreneurship
Tania Halpin (halpint) - 1,136 followers - New Zealand
I am obsessed with personal development and financial freedom
Martin P (Kaimanga_Lodge) - 1,071 followers - Kerikeri, New Zealand
Kaimanga Lodge - The best Bed & Breakfast accommodation in Kerikeri, The Bay of Islands, New Zealand. We are proud to be vegetarian vegan
Yellow® (yellownz) - 885 followers - New Zealand
Print, Online, Mobile & Voice Directories, gets the Job done.