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Mike Farley (JacksonSpencer) - 18,541 followers - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Small Business Marketing expert/speaker/author. X-NFL kicker. Married for 23 years with 4 kids, a dog & cat... and room for you, too!
flyfrontier (flyfrontier) - 15,264 followers - Denver, Milwaukee, KC and more
Fly to 70+ cities in US, Mexico & Costa Rica. DIRECTV on all Airbus aircraft. For response, direct service complaints to
  • #airlines
  • Milwaukee Art Museum (MilwaukeeArt) - 13,265 followers - Milwaukee, WI
    The Milwaukee Art Museum includes over 20,000 works of art from antiquity to present day. Follow the Museum or tweet questions and comments to @milwaukeeart.
    Tom Snyder (triveraguy) - 9,026 followers - Milwaukee, WI
    Head Honcho - Trivera Interactive (Mktg, Web, Social Media, SEO, Email); Foursquare Idiot's Guide author; wine snob; music rainman; Ex-radio pro; HDTV junkie
    JeffCole53 (JeffCole53) - 8,915 followers - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Owner of JJC Communications LLC - marketing and pr consultant. Blog at Looking for help navigating social media? DM me.
    PhilGerb (PhilGerb) - 6,373 followers - Milwaukee, WI
    Professional speaker, author of 3 books, people & ideas connector, lover of unique/interesting things, social media, always looking for next fun thing, smiling
    Barbara Vey (barbaravey) - 5,489 followers - South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Contributing Editor/Blogger for Publishers Weekly, Beyond Her Book, avid reader, WW Lifer Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers Fan, Amazing Race addict
    Elizabeth (ShamanicShift) - 4,280 followers - East side Milwaukee, WI, USA
    Elizabeth aka ECP, Web 2.0 Writer: Science, Tech, Travel, Health, Shamanics & U-Name-It**Minister of Companions Circle Church**Jester: Be LIVE FUN here & now!
    ASQ (ASQ) - 3,304 followers - Milwaukee, WI
    For people passionate about improvement, ASQ is the global knowledge network that links the best ideas, tools, and experts.
    Gail Sideman (PUBLISIDE) - 2,946 followers - Milwaukee, WI
    Creative, credible publicist with lots of sources, stories. Strong sports, authors work. Cool auntie. Parrothead.
    Milwaukee Liquor (BlatzLiquor) - 2,776 followers - Milwaukee, WI
    Used to sell liquor, now I'm selling insurance. Still an enabler.
    ♥ZViolet ♥ (ZViolet) - 2,601 followers - Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
    Check out my Etsy shop. I'm interested in handmade crafts, art, gardening, cooking and photography. I do all my own stunts.
    Key Milwaukee (MilwaukeeKeyMag) - 2,581 followers - Milwaukee
    KEY Milwaukee keeps you current on events to see and places to go in the metro area. We also offer free tickets, coupons and travel tips.
    FranchiseHdbk (FranchiseHdbk) - 2,266 followers - Milwaukee, WI
    We offer FREE listings and paid advertisements for those seeking franchisees! Contact or call us at 800-272-0246
    Pinstripe Inc. (PinstripeTalent) - 1,969 followers - Milwaukee, WI
    The latest on Pinstripe, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Tweets by @michellekrier.
    Aga Artka (agartka) - 1,721 followers - Milwaukee WI
    Improving interior experiences by providing unique, sustainable and functional interior design solutions to hospitality and senior living clients.
    WisconsinWeb (WisconsinWeb) - 1,433 followers - Milwaukee, WI
    Small Business Social Media Consultant
    Metropawlis (metropawlis) - 1,035 followers - Milwaukee, WI
    Metropawlis: The boutique for the Urbane Dog or Cat. Located in Milwaukee's Third Ward.
    CPI_Training (CPI_Training) - 761 followers - Milwaukee, WI
    #Education. #Healthcare. #Mentalhealth. #Humanservices. We provide behavior management training & person-centered #dementia care. Create a safer place to work!