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Olanrewaju Bankole (Lanray) - 79,008 followers - Essex, England
Digital Marketer! I tweet about the benefits of Internet Marketing and what's going on on Social Media today. I always follow back.
ideo (ideo) - 24,681 followers - USA, England, Germany, China
We are a global design consultancy. We create impact through design.
Sharon Perry (SPJewellery) - 19,350 followers - Reading, England
Jewellery Designer, Cat Lover, Orchid Grower, Gardener, Music and Film Lover, Long time fan of Rupert!
McLaren (McLaren_eShop) - 18,092 followers - Woking, England
The official Team McLaren membership programme & eShop Twitter page
heyuguysblog (heyuguysblog) - 17,131 followers - London, England simply love movies & we try to bring you the latest & best news. For all your movie news, reviews, interviews, follow us & join the discussion!
Addy Osmani (addyosmani) - 16,007 followers - London, England
jQuery Evangelist, jQuery Docs & Bug Triage team and I also love writing about jQuery at
IT PRO Magazine (ITPRO) - 12,788 followers - London, England
IT PRO: The UK's leading enterprise IT magazine. Feel free to retweet, and register to get a newsletter from the website. ITPRO@DENNIS.CO.UK
Adam Stone (Rokkster) - 12,751 followers - Exeter, Devon, England, UK
Founder of 'Rokk Group': Rokk Media Ltd; Rokk Internet Ltd ; Rokk Xpress Ltd. Likes a chuckle :)
~ Paul (milliontwits) - 12,612 followers - Merseyside, England, Europe
Not selling, sure as hell not buying! Nutters welcome =D If you want me to notice YOU, reply me @milliontwits!
Yacht Maryrosa (HedleyZafer) - 9,715 followers - England/Turkey
We are a classic charter yacht, cruising the south coast of Turkey and Greek Islands,Honeymoons,Anniversarys, Luxury Holidays
Andy Calloway (andycal) - 8,495 followers - Kinver, England
Twitter fanatic, skeptic (prove it) and geocacher. So, a geek. I also like beer. And curry. Hmmmm, currry.
KeepBritainTidy (KeepBritainTidy) - 8,059 followers - England
Hi. My name is Natalie. Follow us as we tweet about our fight against litter!
Thomas Hardy (thomasjhardy) - 7,859 followers - Newcastle upon Tyne, England
I am freelance web designer/developer, I also run @workkiller and have been known to blog on other sites.
Caroline Broquere (ohh_la_la) - 7,219 followers - Yorkshire, England
MD of Ohh la la, a cheeky strategic marketing agency with international b2b & social marketing expertise. Our strategic marketing solutions ooze va-va-voom!
Gavin Strange (JamFactory) - 5,234 followers - Bristol, England
Senior Designer @ Aardman by day - Designer named JamFactory by night. Daddy of the Droplet vinyl toy. Creator of Shirley Creamhorn. Filmmaker behind BÖIKZMÖIND
Shane Hudson (SuccessCircuit) - 5,020 followers - England
Blogger, Student, Programmer, Web Designer, Success Mentor, @ShaneHudson, Friend.
MotorTorque (MotorTorque) - 4,540 followers - Liverpool, England
UK automotive website. News, reviews, guides, blogs, social media + video. Like 944s, SD1s and Capris. Stored on dusty servers for eternity.
Miles Fortesque (MarriageRescue) - 4,495 followers - Stoke - England
Finding It Hard Keeping The Marriage Together? Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Relationship Help! We Did! Working Together You Have A Chance To Finding A Solution! (studentbeans) - 3,765 followers - London, England
Follow studentbeans for news of the latest offers and discounts, plus more student-friendly stuff!
Moomettesgram (Moomettesgram) - 3,261 followers - New England
Writer WAHM Recipes Product Reviews Blog Author, Type-A Mom Editor Consultant Baby Boomer Grandma MBC Ambassador