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alexismadrigal (alexismadrigal) - 43,922 followers - Twitteronia, The Watergate
Senior editor, @TheAtlantic. Author of POWERING THE DREAM, a history of green tech, out March 29! @WIRED alum. Born in Mexico DF, raised in Portland exurbs.
ggreenwald (ggreenwald) - 42,422 followers -
Talent Zoo (TalentZoo) - 31,404 followers -
Jobs, community, content, news & neat stuff from & the Internets.
arusbridger (arusbridger) - 30,243 followers - London
Editor in Chief of Guardian Newspapers
Conversation Agent (ConversationAge) - 24,231 followers - Philadelphia, PA
Business Strategist. Passionate about integrating new marketing and communications, developing connections with customers, communities, and social influencers.
vlondonescorts (vlondonescorts) - 23,165 followers - London
V London Escorts
RingCentral (RingCentral) - 17,164 followers - San Mateo, CA
Official Twitter account for RingCentral, the #1 cloud-based phone system for businesses.
kottke (kottke) - 13,494 followers - New York, NY
Officially verified Twitter account of, the home of fine hypertext products
evgenymorozov (evgenymorozov) - 12,963 followers - in transit
author of The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom
emilybell (emilybell) - 12,864 followers - √úT: 40.812746,-73.973872
Director of Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at Columbia J School. Former guardian news & media director of digital content. Contact
agahran (agahran) - 6,298 followers - Oakland, CA
Media consultant, info-provocateur, journalist, semi-geek
HDCMgmt (HDCMgmt) - 5,855 followers - Detroit, MI
HDC Management is an overall player/client development corporation. It was founded by a group of industry professionals dedicated to delivering great service.
tribaltalk (tribaltalk) - 5,643 followers - Oxford
We are a digital pr & social marketing agency that connects brands with people. We create innovative experiences that are shared.
Kelly Feller (kellyrfeller) - 5,209 followers - Portland, OR
Strategist - Intel Social Media Center of Excellence, writer, geek, perfectionist, mom, political junkie, unabashed Phishead & lover of funk. TWEETS ARE MINE.
CharlieBeckett (CharlieBeckett) - 5,065 followers - London, UK
Journalist, Director of Polis, the media think-tank at the LSE & author of SuperMedia
MonstarPR (MonstarPR) - 4,918 followers - iPhone: 32.710294,-117.162011
Entertainment Publicist and Social Media Strategist. Owner of The Star Factory & Sugar Bear Media
ContentFac (ContentFac) - 4,848 followers - Pittsburgh, PA
Content writers extraordinaire, with a side of super savvy social media marketing and online PR expertise. Move over, Lizzie Grubman!
susanmernit (susanmernit) - 4,652 followers - Oakland
Oakland, hyperlocal, news, blogger, permaculture, social media, social justice, consultant, geek, feminist, troublemaker..
cedarpublishing (cedarpublishing) - 4,220 followers - Edmonton, Alberta
Publisher of The Edmontonians as well as numerous magazines for non-profits and professional associations. Produces custom publications for organizations. #yeg
StarFactoryPR (StarFactoryPR) - 3,683 followers - World Wide
Entertainment publicity team specializing in viral networking - 2011 Xbiz Award nominee for Marketing Campaign of the Year

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