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@cskolding @HitriMark anyway, good topic!
@cskolding @HitriMark All the parties have different goals! And artists goals vary based on the kind of music they… https://t.co/wgw0dvYIEp
@cskolding @HitriMark Given that sync licensing is such a crucial part of my income, we make an effort to strategic… https://t.co/ZlNYuK6EFq
@cskolding @HitriMark Dance is an example of overexposure. Countless small companies used my music w/out permission… https://t.co/qAqmtmlKKQ
@cskolding @HitriMark It depends. Often my agent and I are more concerned about overexposure in certain kinds of pr… https://t.co/HEIvhgyrew
Beautifully said. Thank you for writing this @xeni> Why cancer is not a war, fight or battle https://t.co/Ro9tR0DcDB
What a beautiful love story! RT @brainpicker: Anna Dostoyevsky on the secret to a happy marriage – https://t.co/xuD8xev92y
Haha! I do. I get these kind of requests every week. RT @HitriMark: you can relate https://t.co/jthjWbkc1I
RT @nprscience: Climate Scientist Says He Was Demoted For Speaking Out On Climate Change https://t.co/gtAhlHmFYJ
RT @mcsweeneys: "Some believe Gthoogle is merely a servant of a greater force known as Nyalphabet, The Dark Creator." https://t.co/AlcYZUpB…
RT @muz4now: Spotify Faces $365 Million In New Copyright Infringement Claims https://t.co/sL4WzV6BIT https://t.co/HsuIN3V2UW
RT @johnlegend: Your president wants more people to die so he can embarrass Obama. https://t.co/yiEsAaCEFE
RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: I’m a scientist. I’m blowing the whistle on the Trump administration. https://t.co/s1vv8XWy40
@polybiotique @csaviochan @gbaucom @YoYo_Ma I am very, very happy about this
RT @AuralityLab: What does the Great Barrier Sound like? Download #AURALITY and explore reef soundscapes along the coastline of Queensland…
RT @tabletcorry: Throwback to @zoecello in full motion #jococruise2017 #jococruise https://t.co/7YqkxGNVWg https://t.co/YQZdq6CqGm
@liamstack @declandebarra Marvin!
RT @liamstack: It's the future Douglas Adams promised us https://t.co/C6gHcSTij3
To riff off Mark Twain's comment about New England weather, if you don't like the price of Bitcoin right now, just wait a few minutes.

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