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Dabei die Lessons zu überarbeiten: Heute #Present Simple #Grammatik http://bit.ly/eR8ETA
Ist Sitzenbleiben Vergangenheit? Was bedeutet dies für die #Nachhilfe http://goo.gl/R3woh
Neuanfang bei Wijng, Nachhilfe-Portal gestartet mehr unter http://bit.ly/dV6hyc #Nachhilfe #Schule #Nachhilfelehrer #Schüler
Picking up where we left over a year ago. Implementing new functionality. Stay tuned.
working on new content and english courses
working on an overview page, so its easier to get an overview of all content on wijng.com
http://bit.ly/nEsPP via @addthis
Currently adding profile pictures. gives the personal profile something nice...
The new features are live! We have improved the exercises by giving the user the possibility to rate the exercise, report mistakes etc.
wijng.com is listed on killerstartups.com and feedmyapp.com. Thanks!
5 new grammar exercises on the english page - gerund, imperative, reported speech, infinitive and modal verbs
back from the may day holidays. tomorrow morning its time for an update of the wijng page. doing the last testing right now
wijng has been added to yeebase startups!
adding feature to rate each exercise. need to do some more testing. will be online tomorrow.
Adding a possibility to report mistakes to fill-in exercises.
Jeffrey Hill wrote on his blog about wijng. Thats good feedback
Traffic is up again. We are on track. good.
GRAZEit: is it just another social booking service or will it be successful?
@TheEngTeacher I really like your blog. Its very interesting and a good read. Great!
interesting service: tolingo.com. I like the pricing tool

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