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In a summer of wildfires and hurricanes, my son asks “Why is everything going wrong?” -> by @NaomiAKlein
Want to resist those who stir violence? Using humour is far better than rewarding them with a melee in the streets:
“#BotSpot: Twelve Ways to Spot a Bot” by @DFRLab
RT @Greenpeaceafric: Today is your last chance to speak out against uranium mining in the Karoo, do it NOW >> http…
RT @GlenTyler: Have your say! Object to uranium mining in the Karoo before 7 September ->
@AppleMusic Apple Music persistently eats songs out of my playlists & disappears music that is legitimately mine. Regret the day I signed up
Have your say! Object to uranium mining in the Karoo before 7 September -> via @SAFCEI
@Dianne_McAlpine You're such an anthro dork. Good work!
RT @AfricansRising: We The people of #Togo are calling for support from everyone who believes in democracy. #AfricansRising…
RT @SAFCEI: More than 50 yrs after splitting the first atom, science has still not devised a method for adequately handling long life radio…
When will they make plasters that adequately stay on finger tops?
The future of advertising: what will 2025 look like?
Africa Will Be a Little Too Lit If We Don’t Do Something—talking Climate Change with @350Africa -> via @okayafrica
RT @iJesseWilliams: "Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie."
@Melita_Steele @Dianne_McAlpine @PennyJaneCooke I didn't know that video subset was a thing even, but that's freakin' awesome!
Six principles of nonviolence -> via @MobilisationLab
Zimbabwe activists test, track and learn to organise a new movement #thisflag ->
Why the Arrest of IT Trainers in Turkey Affects Us All ->
Public WiFi Security: The Dangers That Lurk And The Tips And Tools That Will Save You ->
Protect the right for women to access safe abortions. Reject @A_C_D_P's proposal! via @AmandlaMobi

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