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@SSDESTO @Randygbk
@SSDESTO @randygbk New video of the Adrian face hat.
@spiderbenb1 it's progress for sure! All the shit you may have learned about art still applies to pixel art. It's just a smaller space! :)
@spiderbenb1 @InvisibleThrill @evilgizmoisevil @Randygbk @MightyCooper baseball hat. Top hat. Cowboy hat. Skull
@spiderbenb1 @GlamazonianRage @Randygbk @MightyCooper @InvisibleThrill not bad, the first one is a bit hard to read.
@caitlinsvoice flawless :) have a good night and a good flight!
@caitlinsvoice I got one more, and that's it, I swear. What's your favorite dance or dance move?
@caitlinsvoice !!! That's unexpectedly sad...
@caitlinsvoice what's your favorite hat?
@edielvera47 There we go :) Have a good night!
@edielvera47 I'll get that up for you by the end of the night :)
RT @DevinDParlett: I just backed @gameyayfun Billionaire Banshee's First Expansion!
@Camileon_01 @GlamazonianRage @BATTLESLOTHSWOW @ih8yh I can get a tribute to Emil on the next stream I bet! :)
Pixel Art: BattleSloths 2025 The Great Pizza wars CrawlAway: via @YouTube
@edielvera47 which one did I miss?
@RichardCook1985 @BATTLESLOTHSWOW @GlamazonianRage @ih8yh I'm alright ^___^
@spiderbenb1 I will also be willing to gift you pyxel edit, and in due time I will be putting up some tutorials for pyxel edit as well :)
@spiderbenb1 honestly, I appreciate the offer! I have the time on my plate and the list I am going to work with, I got this!
@SSDESTO A hat is Owed. A hat will be paid. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <#<#<#<#<#<#<#<#<#
Hat Recap Finale... @BATTLESLOTHSWOW @InvisibleThrill @GlamazonianRage Danger Goose.

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