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RT @SeaTimesPhoto: #ReadersLens: Kym Ahrens’ artful #photo of lake reeds & a foggy, pastel sunset (@kgcotterill) htt…
San Juan Islanders voted big-time for legal recreational marijuana, but actual pot farms? Not at all welcome.
RT @SeaTimesPhoto: #Mariners fans take the field at FanFest #MarinersFF (@alanberner) More:
Seattle-area schools are gaining students faster than some districts can add space ... or bond funding.
Top GOP candidates for president are sounding a lot like Seattle's Kshama Sawant, writes columnist Danny Westneat.
#Seahawks Marshawn Lynch under league scrutiny at #SuperBowlXLIX @bcondotta
RT @SeaTimesPhoto: Walking with the birds at Lincoln Park in West #Seattle (@lindseywasson) More:…
New defensive posture for UW #huskies men's basketball team puts it in the zone @percyallen
#Seahawks #LegionOfBoom uses its eyes to create a new defensive vision in the #NFL @bcondotta
#Sounders begin preseason camp with their minds on CBA negotiations @mattpentz
Message of brotherhood from #LegionOfBoom helped save the season for the #Seahawks @StoneLarry
RT @seatimespreps: The Chips List: The Seattle Times’ annual list of the top 100 football prospects in the state #batchgeo #maps #preps htt…
Marysville-Pilchuck’s Austin Joyner a reluctant star @jlieb24
#Seahawks to expand CenturyLink by 1,000 seats for next season, sources say @bcondotta
RT @wspd7pio: Hwy 9 crash update: Sounds like possible critical injuries, near head on.
RT @lindseywasson: #Birdwatching is hilarious. #Seattle #WestSeattle #LincolnPark #birds
News flash for Super Bowl-bound #Seahawks fans: Not everyone in Arizona loves us.
Mascots, pot reform, political retirees: your politics week in review
RT @TodayFile: Woman arrested after drive-by shooting in Belltown
The oldest-vine wines in Washington come from Snipes Mountain

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