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Boeing's increased rate of jet production is paying off for shareholders; company announces $965M profit in 1Q:
RT @SeaTimesPhoto: Mariners lose 8th straight in 5-2 loss to Astros (@deanrutz) Gallery: |
Repairing the 65-foot crack in Wanapum Dam will cost $61 million, Grant County PUD estimates:
Dow Constantine: “Voters are not rejecting Metro; they are rejecting this particular means of funding Metro.”
Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler gets an earful on new rule for insurance-provider networks -- and delays start:
Bertha cost $80 million. The cost to fix it could exceed $125 million, says contractor. So who will pay?
Getting Bertha going again is expected to cost at least $125 million. That’s 1 ½ times what the machine itself cost:
Is Seahawk Richard Sherman closing in on a $13-million-per-year payday? A deal could be coming soon:
Danny Westneat column: WWU university president is right about race: The world is changing, so let's deal with it:
RT @pgcornwell: Mayor Murray, on Prop 1: The city is committed to working with supporters. "This is just the beginning, not the end."
King County predicted 38% turnout on Prop 1. If estimate holds, "Yes" would need 73% of remaining votes to catch up:
Health officials are puzzled there's such a high number of cases of fatal birth defect anencephaly in 3 counties:
Voters are rejecting Lake Washington schools' bond issue, which barely cleared 50 percent in first-day returns:
Voters are rejecting a measure to fund King County buses and roads (Proposition 1). Our early story:
Snohomish County Council may put the brakes on development in areas at risk of landslides:
Vote breakdown for Proposition 1 (buses and roads): Yes: 44.72% No: 55.28%
King County's proposition to fund buses and roads is failing in Tuesday night's vote count.
Oil train concerns: “Far too often, safety has been compromised,” said NTSB Chairwoman:
If you were wondering, the #Mariners are losing to the Astros 3-0. More info:
Metro vote: RT @kcnews: Election results will be posted here after 8:15 pm: via @kcelections

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