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RT @Al_Letson: It's much easier to say the Civil War was about money, when your ancestors weren't the currency.
RT @wilw: I am so afraid that Trump is going to attack North Korea because he's desperate to deflect attention from what a failure he is.
RT @SShackford: A Man Died in Jail After Getting No Water for a Week. Will Anybody Be Held Accountable?
@Gilfingled Certainly am. There was no sound either so I made my own Foster Hewitt commentary which started to annoy the BigK.
RT @Anudda: "International handbag saleswoman" - perfect!
For some reason I still feel the need to #TellVicEverything
RT @UN_Women: "Indigenous women across the world face disproportionate levels of discrimination, exclusion, violence"- DED Puri #UNPFII16 #…
RT @LilianaSegura: Hard to pinpoint the worst moment in any Trump transcript but shoot, I'm gonna say it's when he compares his TV ratings…
RT @helenprejean: Capital punishment means those without the capital get the punishment. You'll never meet a person with money on death row.
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: @realDonaldTrump Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't you fund your wall the same way poor people fund their healthcare. #…
Possibly because I was watching the game in slow motion @gilfingled
RT @lkherman: Flawless logic, tbh
RT @ShaunKing: INFURIATING. Grand Rapids cops point their guns at 5 young black boys, claiming they thought they were armed. They weren't.…
RT @MikeHudema: Science for the win again. Some of the best signs from the #sciencemarch. #ActOnClimate #cdnpoli #marchforscience https://t…
And Auston Matthews is only 19??
RT @stephenlautens: To be fair, the only other Italian name that popped into Trump's head was Chef Boyardee.
Wave so I can see you @Gilfingled
RT @jaimealyse: duuuuuuuuuuude
RT @CBCNews: Trump's solution to 'unfair' American dairy woes: blame Canada

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