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RT @dirquez: And that's gonna do it, looks like!
RT @dirquez: We're heading/shouting back through Macy's. This might be the end of this thing? I've thought that before.
RT @dirquez: Food court bound. Lloyd Center taking a very laissez-faire attitude. Probably the best strategy.
RT @dirquez: Some shoppers getting into it! Others agog.
RT @dirquez: And here we are!
RT @dirquez: Macy's... Did not see this coming.
RT @dirquez: Not done here. Protest headed for the Lloyd Center.
RT @dirquez: "This is Black Friday and you in Portland DID make a statement." We're back where we began.
RT @dirquez: Nope. Heading back toward Holladay Park. #blacklivesmatter
RT @dirquez: Looks like marchers will try the Steel Bridge. Or they're just trying to game the cops into hustling there.
RT @dirquez: #BlackLivesMatter protest bottling up NE Broadway and MLK.
RT @dirquez: "It's true" says Lauren, middle aged woman raking as the protest passes chanting "black lives matter." She adds: "All lives ma…
RT @IanKarmel: Tonight we're gonna tell jokes and raise money for @PPact at @HeliumComedyPdx. I'm there with @amymiller and @SeanSJordan. C…
RT @dirquez: "We need to hold our ground! We can take a break and just die-in this motherfucker right now!" Happening. Sort of. https://t.c…
RT @dirquez: "Black lives matter!" goes the chant. Standoff at Williams and Tillamook.
RT @dirquez: Riot cops on Williams! Say crowd can go North not South.
RT @dirquez: NE Thompson residents showing support.
RT @EvertonBailey: Portland police asking crowd not to cross Broadway Bridge, to use Steel Bridge #BlackLivesMatter
RT @dirquez: It's a fake? We're turning around.
RT @dirquez: Protest cruising N on MLK right now. Still several hundred strong. Interesting route.

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