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Mayor Hales Continues his Alberta Last Thursday Crack Down
The I, Anonymous blog quote of the day FINALLY! Some helpful tips for all those clueless guys on OkCupid:
We know you’re not doing any REAL work right now! So watch this new clip from the @azizansari Netflix special!
RT @cshannonpdx: .@portlandmercury is giving away 2 free VIP tickets to Back Fence PDX #pdx
SHOES!!! @ImeldasPDX anniversary sale March 7&8! Win a $50 gift card here:
Tonight in music: @endhits recommends @SCannibalsBand @Kindness
RT @ChristopOConnor: The lack of racial diversity in this drawing of a proposed 'private park' says a lot about gentrification.…
Win a Pair of VIP Tickets to Saturday's Back Fence PDX!
RT @endhits: Oh and Wolf People LP 3 hasn't even been announced yet but I bet that's coming. Nice work, 2015.
RT @endhits: It's only March.
RT @endhits: I had trouble filling a top 5 albums list in 2014 but this year? Jeez. Courtney Barnett, Dick Diver, Happyness, Twerps, Divers…
Oregon prisons rake in millions from inmates' families. That might change because of @serial
RT @WmSteveHumphrey: BREAKING: Ringling Bros. stops using performing elephants; gives them desk jobs in the accounting department.
Potential 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson apologizes for being an idiot
RT @new_moss: Great @SCannibalsBand feature from the @portlandmercury! Check it out here: and get your copy: http://…
Tonight: Noriko Kikuchi @norikokikuchi
You can still win 2 tickets to PDX Comedy Mixtape! It’s going to be HILARIOUS!
RT @adamewood: Did you know there's a secret second spot to get Reel M Inn's fantastic fried chicken?
Good Morning, News: Fruit Knife Attacks, Superbugs, Sandy Hut Update, and Workers’ Comp
My, what a busy week! So many things to do #inPDX #pdxevents

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