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RT @sarahmirk: Nice quote in @portlandmercury this week from @DontShootPdx.
It's worse than you thought! @Dirquez just posted horrifying, up-close video of the Morrison Bridge's crumbling deck.
Portland hometown hotties @TheDecemberists sing YouTube comments on Jimmy Kimmel!
RT @BaseCampBrewing: w00t this Saturday's #Collabofest is shapin up to be a helluva good time. Come join us in support of #pdxbeer #pdxnow …
RT @WmSteveHumphrey: SkyMall files for bankruptcy; airlines desperately look for another method of transmitting avian bird flu.
Making infrastructure sizzle? @AmandaFritzRN beats her colleagues to the punch with a plan to better spend surplus $.
HEY LOOK. @Erik_Henriksen correctly explains why this week's I, Anonymous writer ought to banned from movie theaters.
It's Good Morning, News! Presented by the Doomsday Clock, WASP names, and the GOP's denial of human climate change!
Patti Smith's show at the Crystal last night was so *perfectly* Patti Smith, we couldn't help reliving our joy today.
Finally, nerds: Knowing about Melville might pay off! We've got tix to Portland Story Theater's new show, The Essex.
RT @opbmusic: Here's the @portlandmercury w/ the backstory on the real-life coyote commuter that inspired Modest Mouse's new video http://t…
Someone "Snowdened" the U of O, and the State of the Union... in emoji. It's Good Morning News!
What a night for music! Patti Smith AND The Decemberists? That's a lot of BAM!
Hate your terrible driver's license photo? Help may be on the way!
RT @WmSteveHumphrey: A reader insinuates I should get my head chopped off for my American Sniper review. (I have that effect on people.) ht…
A new Modest Mouse video? Featuring a coyote riding the MAX? Yes, please!
Savage Love Letter of the Day: "Ask first, suck later?"
Anti-abortion rally gets snubbed by football game, and the 1% just keep getting richer. It's Good Morning News!
And now... a quote from Mitt Romney that may kill you through a combination of laughter and vomit.
Prominent "Street Fee" critic was recently elected head of the Multnomah County Republican Party. Huh. WEIRD.

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