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RT @WmSteveHumphrey: If I were a teacher, I'd only teach two classes: "Twitter Manners 101," and "Never Take a Nude Selfie, Stupid."
RT @theriaultpdx: The man shot by @PortlandPolice this AM struggled for years after cop Tasered him in his family home, when he was 15.http…
RT @theriaultpdx: .@ChiefReese says the man shot by police on I-84 is expected to live—but that it's not yet known if his gun was real. htt…
RT @theriaultpdx: That shooting scene's "safe," cops say. @KOINNews says man "detained," off to hospital—also in mental health crisis. http…
RT @theriaultpdx: Police Swarm to Report of Gunman, Shut Down Interstate 84; One Report Says Cops Fired at Man
RT @theriaultpdx: Fortunate Timing? City Pushing Ahead With Three Finalists for @PortlandPolice Reform Monitor
A federal judge has approved a police reform deal between city, union, and feds:
RT @WmSteveHumphrey: These aren't the doughnuts you're looking for. (Waves hand.) You can go about your business. #JediMindTrick
RT @WmSteveHumphrey: Portland bumped down to 4th best bicycling city? I knew you unicyclists were gonna screw up our numbers!!
Bicycling magazine bumps Portland down to 4th best bike city. In related news, Bicycling mag is a stupidhead dumdum.
RT @erik_henriksen: Anita Sarkeesian’s work has immense value. I made a donation at Consider doing the same? http:/…
Four months after the Trader Joe's fiasco, another grocery chain is chosen for lot at NE Alberta and MLK:
Strand of Oaks plays tonight, and frontman Timothy Showalter is a brutally honest interview subject:
RT @WmSteveHumphrey: Dear Criminals: On behalf of Portland Tourism, thanks for not robbing every single person with a Voodoo Doughnut box.
RT @oregon_history: @portlandmercury That show is cursed, man. Remember this?
Our boss makes us do VERY uncomfortable things—it's the "best" of Worst Night Ever! (help we have no HR department):
You know the TV show Cops? Well, a guy who works on Cops... was shot... by a cop.
Tyler Perry is in David Fincher's upcoming film Gone Girl. Fun fact! Tyler Perry did not know who David Fincher was:
So, did Tony Soprano die or not? (This is the clickbait-iest thing we've ever tweeted.)
It's the usual panoply of horrors: ISIS, Uzis, drownings, and crimes against humanity. Good morning, news?

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