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RT @dirquez: Soon when a college student notices a strange car following them, it'll at least be marked "OLCC"
The city's tired of running #lastthursday, but it's got a willing taker.
New in: Fashion/retail/design news from @FrancesMay, @BacktalkPDX + more!
The alternate futures of Tomorrowland and Mad Max. #MadMax #MadMaxFuryRoad #tomorrowland
.@WmSteveHumphrey says goodbye to #DavidLetterman #Letterman #LastShow #ilovetelevision
Are you the worst person #inPortland? Enter our essay contest... win $300!
RT @suzettesmith: .@sparkplugcomics here's the actual comic that was in last week's @portlandmercury
Good Morning, News!: Weed regulation, toxic weed spray, and weed smuggling. Weed!
2015 Budget Bloodbath: Follow along as the public gripes about the mayor's budget!
How are you ever going to decide which shows to see this week? #PDX is about to be flooded with great music.
Have you ever wondered who represents you on Portland City Council? The answer is: no one, specifically.
Summer is right around the freaking corner! ARE YOU PREPARED? How to do summer food ’n’ booze!
RT @voodoolily: Ever wanna roast a whole pig? I show you how in this week's @portlandmercury!
Tonight in music: @HelioSequence, @HolydrugCouple Ex-Cult, + more!
RT @pedalpalooza: One day left! Add your #pedalpalooza ride to make the @portlandmercury's deadline RT for the lazy …
New In: Fashion/Retail/Design News with @craftmuseum, @BacktalkPDX, & Honeyfox Jewelry!
Savage Love Letter of the Day: You're dating a clown. Deal with it.
Aaaaaand what Jon Hamm thinks about Don Draper’s final scene in @MadMen_AMC
@MadMen_AMC finale alternate endings!
44 years after shooting himself in the arm, remembering Chris Burden. #ChrisBurden #shoot

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