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RT @GeorgeBaileyDog: Nobody else needs to submit a photo ok you guys?!!!!!!!
Announcing the @portlandmercury "Most Glamorous Pet" Photo Contest! Helloooo, gorgeous!!
#ShellNo protester makes his first appearance in court following yesterday's arrest.
$5,000 reward for information on the Portland cat stabber.
Wolf People at the Pump House. #pickathon2015 #wolfpeople #portlandmercury 📷 by ktsummer
Yup, the #flaminglips were at @pickathon #pickathon2015 #fuckyeahportland 📷 by ktsummer @ Pickathon
SO HOT. Here’s how to keep your insufferably hot house cool.
English psych masters Wolf People arrive on the West Coast, finally, to play @pickathon.
Car2Go cuts St. Johns and East Portland from their service area, due to "lack of demand."
Another essay from one of Portland's worst people: I, Landlord
RT @dirquez: Car2Go Yanking Service from East Portland and St. Johns
RT @dirquez: Here's Mayor Charlie Hales' Glowing Internal Assessment of the #ShellNoPDX Dismantlement
Developers suing! Novick opponents emerging! Uncool rent notice! Bite-size news updates from @portlandmercury.
Rise and shine! Here’s your @pickathon reading list!
Happy #pickathon2015. @pickathon
We're here! @pickathon #pickathon2015
RT @shelby_king: Party's over. Sad trombone. Big oil wins. #ShellNo
RT @shelby_king: Everyone is sooooo disappointed. Tears. Getting an interview with one of the climbers soon and at least one detained kayak…
RT @dirquez: Doest the crew of the Fennica speak only Finnish? Can they even comprehend the epithets being hurled at them? #ShellNoPDX

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