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Chitty-chat along with @WmSteveHumphrey in his blow-by-blow of last night's Walking Dead. Spoilers ahoy!
Sleater-Kinney are back! New album, new tour, new you:
RT @meganireneb: @lenadunham is in Portland today. My review of her book is in this week's @portlandmercury:
Coverage of the All Jane, No Dick comedy festival? BOOM. Need something to do tonight? BOOM.
RT @WmSteveHumphrey: I NEVER tweet food pics, but I feel the need to document my upcoming heart attack.
RT @WmSteveHumphrey: Every time something asks me to "add purified water," I'm like, "Purified water, my butt!" #TakeAStand
Tickets are selling quickly for #hump2014 Buy now!
.@Violentjen8 Hey @bripruett (author of the Sex Survey)! Will you tell Jen you masturbate?
Down-home ass-whupping BBQ and no other frills at the People's Pig. They don't need 'em:
RT @Violentjen8: just took the @portlandmercury sex quiz. I think the Mercury doesn't think women masturbate.
Looks like you've got TWO ballots to fill out—it's time for the Mercury's 2014 Sex Survey! Tell us EVERYTHING:
Don't let a bad movie ruin your weekend. (Looking at you, Men, Women & Children.) This week's Mercury movie reviews!
RT @WmSteveHumphrey: I would have totally taken that "Ebola Czar" job... but I'm too busy being the "Ooh-La-La Czar."
You like news, don't you? Here's a whole morning's worth of it: Murder! Coffee! Cocaine! It's Good Morning, News:
Hales and Fritz intent to challenge, or "clarify," annual court hearings on federal Portland Police reform:
RT @IanKarmel: The Portland you love is already dead, in this week's @PortlandMercury!
True or False? Jon Stewart & Bill O'Reilly had a calm, cool-headed discussion about the existence of white privilege:
RT @mergerecords: Portland, Oregon: @exhexband plays @MississippiStud tonight, don't miss em! @portlandmercury spoke with Mary here http://…
If you like beer, Brewpublic's Killer Beer Week kicks off tomorrow! If you don't, THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU HERE.
RT @5QPDX: 12pm, @xrayfm: catch our in-depth look at Portland City Hall w/ @portlandmercury's @theriaultpdx, & @dansaltzman on the PDX Chil…

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