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RT @dirquez: Some guy just tried to make a "turkey or justice?" chant happen. Surprisingly failed to catch on.
RT @dirquez: Final speeches in Pioneer Square. And this bad boy is almost a wrap.
RT @dirquez: See?
RT @dirquez: Cops are clearly most concerned with marchers taking the highway... but what if they come for the Christmas tree? #portlandsli…
RT @theriaultpdx: No streets have ever been threatened by seizure tonight. It's been a sidewalk protest.
RT @theriaultpdx: The much just crossed Burnside on 14th. I think they are reveling in making the police nervous. They are toying with them.
This guy! "Michael Brown was a thug! At least he won't reproduce! I'm not a racist but..."
Portland's overlooked Pearl District FINALLY has a voice. But what should The Pearl Magazine write about? Suggest!
A sunset clause to the proposed street fee: Another thing you wouldn't get a vote on.
May your holiday not "reek like Carlo Rossi took a piss all over that thing you called a pumpkin pie!"
RT @WmSteveHumphrey: Dead crows found all over Portland... obviously killed by the lack of GMO labeling.
A mystery: Why are there dead crows all over Portland?
Portland protest mojo, returned! Weird Canadian Jian Ghomeshi, arrested! Before you start drinking, Good Morning News
Portland's Up for a Michael Brown Protest, After All
RT @theriaultpdx: Blocking Burnside and 15tj after a sprint. Swear I saw Bob Day in a window on Washington. Westbound now.…
RT @theriaultpdx: At 11th, pots bang. And cheers erupt when speakers ask crowd to make noise for Mike Brown.
RT @theriaultpdx: Down Washington we go. A driver loves it quite a bit, honking earnest approval.
RT @theriaultpdx: "We are Ferguson.... They are afraid. But we are strong."
RT @theriaultpdx: "It's a march, not a show."
RT @theriaultpdx:

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