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@PicTapGo here’s a shot of the standalone app, where they *do* appear.
@PicTapGo they don’t appear there in the extension for me. Just when I’m using the standalone app. Screen from ext.:
@PicTapGo I tried using the photos extension on iOS, which works great, except that Replichrome Mini presets don’t show up.
@PicTapGo I think I might have choked it! Had the app onscreen for a little over an hour now and the number of photos hasn’t gone up.
@PicTapGo I meant you might want to update your homepage… ;)
Might need an update here @PicTapGo…
@PicTapGo Having issues accessing all the photos in my iCloud Photo Library. Only able to see ~2,200 of ~31,000.
@orderuphelp They went ahead and delivered it. Something definitely glitchy with that part of the app though.
@orderuphelp This was all for order #23619325
@orderuphelp It didn’t occur to me that that happened since it still had “Delivery Fee” as a line item and it asked to input a tip.
@orderuphelp change it to delivery, add a new item to the cart, and delete the original item, it marks the order as takeout and not delivery
@orderuphelp Just got a call from the restaurant. FYI, if you have takeout originally marked in the iOS app, add an order, then…
@orderuphelp Ordered from restaurant almost 90 minutes ago and have still not received food. Should I be concerned yet?
#AppleTV has had a touchscreen remote for years…on your iPhone.
Please switch the broadband provider for the TV to @Comcast so we can see a real-life demo. #AppleEvent
For an unknown reason I’ve been locked out of my @instagram account. Anyone else had to verify their identity for no reason?
@panic Why do I have to sign in to the iTunes Store every time I start Status Board 2 on my iPad?
First @SCSpikes game!
RT @artassignment: Mark Rothko painted a LOT of rectangles. But what was the point of it all? And why should you care? Here's our case: htt…
.@AppleMusic needs a radio station for film scores.

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