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First @SCSpikes game!
RT @artassignment: Mark Rothko painted a LOT of rectangles. But what was the point of it all? And why should you care? Here's our case: htt…
.@AppleMusic needs a radio station for film scores.
@papajohns How many runs do the @Pirates need to win by for the promo code to work?
@comcastcares Could you check on our internet speed? We’ve been getting 6/2 instead of 100/10 since yesterday. Tried power cycling already.
Enjoy my last ten bucks, Spotify.
@comcastcares Thank you!
@comcastcares thank you!
@comcastcares let me know if you can help me or if I need to call someone.
@comcastcares Yes definitely.
@comcastcares How can I downgrade service? Bill jumped up by 50% from last month.
Finally! Sharing made simple. Checking out for quickly sharing screenshots, files and links.
Extremely disappointed that @emberapp for iOS has been discontinued. How do I capture inspiration into Ember on the go now?
.@comcastcares Is anyone available to help with hi-speed internet?
@comcastcares Been getting broadband speeds between 35-55 Mbps instead of closer to 100. Is there a way to fix that?
@comcastcares I just got a new cable modem to replace my leased model…after I hook it up can I activate it online or do I need to call in?
RT @Megsicann: The autocorrect suggestions for this text went from strange to mildly alarming very quickly.
@realmacsoftware Bug in Typed 1.0.2: no matter what font I have selected when starting a new doc, it displays in Typed Pro
One of my dreams for 2015: Be able to manage my @netflix DVD queue from my iPhone
Quote of the night so far: “Sorry, it’s a boy.” ~Sarah Silverman

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I shoot people for money. Sometimes they're getting married, sometimes they just want me to.

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