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@ButteredTrost Just because you have to earn a cat’s love…maybe they’re like students that way. Look at me with the parallelisms.
@pjfavilla @ButteredTrost
This used to be Crawfish and Sweet Potato soup. It made my whole life better. #pictapgo_app
@ButteredTrost as long as it’s more than half.
@ButteredTrost not wine?
I hope someday @dropboxatwork will support sole proprietors.
This is the reason video cameras on cell phones exist.
Not a bad deal if you don't own a few of these already: Apple Design Award winning apps for $20, and Scapple free.
. @ustwogames there’s more, right?
@pjfavilla @ButteredTrost No, they’re bad. Very bad ellipses.
@ButteredTrost @pjfavilla …
@ButteredTrost @pjfavilla I’m not the one who’s getting my mallets all twisted.
@pjfavilla @ButteredTrost so you’re the percussion closet bandit.
@pjfavilla @ButteredTrost you work out your flesh? That’s impressive. I only hit up the muscles.
My wife said I’d have to hand wash some of the dishes because they wouldn’t all fit. HA. #whenmenstuffdishwashers #imightbeintroublelater
@pjfavilla @ButteredTrost the flesh is weak.
RT @NASA: A new Pacific island grows 600 miles south of Tokyo: #NASA satellite view.    #EarthRightNow…
. @BestBuy price matching @amazon deal today: Indiana Jones on Blu-Ray for 30 bucks.
@pjfavilla @ButteredTrost That red wine bottle will need to be in the plural form.
@ButteredTrost @pjfavilla There must be a support group for this.

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I shoot people for money. Sometimes they're getting married, sometimes they just want me to.

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