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.@speckproducts Fabshell + Burton was the best case of the five I owned for my 5s. Please, please, please tell me they’re coming for the 6.
.@PNCBank_Help Oops! Just saw that you don’t offer free business checking anymore, so I’ll investigate other possibilities.
@PNCBank_Help Can you help figure out fees assessed on what I thought was a free business checking account?
@BabyBundleApp how do I remove a synced device from the app to re-add it? Baby monitor isn’t working, so I wanted to try and reinstall apps.
@VSCO_support I would also love the option to display smaller thumbnails, like 4 or 5 across.
@VSCO_support I’ve been using them on every shot since the update! :)
@VSCO_support I meant giving an option to relocate activation button to allow one-handed use on larger screen phones.
@VSCO_support Are you considering updating the implementation of advanced camera controls in iOS 8 for the iPhone 6/+?
@seandugganphoto @realmikewong It’s in your previously purchased music on the iTunes store.
RT @andyoutcast: “@macsales: Over 200 million people can already use iWatch #AppleLive #Apple” USING MINE NOW! http:…
YOU CAN ACTUALLY POKE PEOPLE. RT @macrumorslive: Can also send taps via the tactic engine. “You tap on the screen and they feel vibration.”
RT @garyplayer: Given Apples imminent announcement, I though this appropriate...
RT @Pinboard: Voice over LTE technology is a major breakthrough that will allow people to transmit voice data over their phone
Littering is socially unacceptable. Unless, of course, you're a smoker, in which case feel free to throw your shit anywhere you want.
Solid workflow. RT @EA_Photo: On how my hard drive with 14 years of photos and videos just died, and I don’t care.
@realmacsoftware Auto-import not working on Mac (Mavericks, Ember 1.8). Is there a way to re-trigger the folder? Tried deleting/re-adding.
RT @Cosmopolitan: This is hands down the BEST response to the argument that catcalling is a compliment:…
The great sea frees me, moves me, As a strong river carries a weed. Earth and her stron...
Pairs perfectly with a summer afternoon. I miss you, #traversecity.

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I shoot people for money. Sometimes they're getting married, sometimes they just want me to.

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