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Last 12 months have proved that Silicon Valley establishment is terrible at doing any kind of due diligence before making big decisions.
@jeffjarvis @reckless you know the traffic not to publishers sites means less money to them. Put it another way, 7% less direct traffic.
Who thinks suitcases are really part of the problem with travel. 😋
@reckless @jeffjarvis how much of the traffic are they siphoning away? Any data on that?
Thank you everyone who tweeted back with the Bose QC35 feedback. The problem was unique to me and has been fixed as of this morning.
RT @mcuban: Fake News is a claim you only hear from people afraid of transparency
RT @MinterMarilyn:
RT @punitsoni: If this is true (and I can't imagine Google getting this wrong), then WTF. This is just shocking.
RT @msg: This is fucked up
RT @TerrinaMajnoona: Sorry, what sort of weird statement is this from @Garmin? "Involved"? They were the victims, one is dead. @reckless @c…
RT @reckless: This is so fucking sad, and terrifying.
RT @mikehorton: @om I've heard old people have trouble with technology.
@RobertG63 everything else works just fine
Is Boss QC 35 a 💩 or is it Bluetooth or iPhone 7+. Pairing and discovery are impossible. Anyone else experience this?
More proof that no one in media actually acknowledges that they ignored the internet, didn't innovate & cheeses con…
RT @wolfejosh: I saw Yuval Harari (Sapiens) X @danariely (Predictably Irrational) Heres what I learned Thx @om for nudge to post https://…
@sarahcuda sure, but man all their products are half-assed. I tried Google Shopping. Went to Amazon and Instacart. Quality isn’t there
@sarahcuda it is so hard to take anything @google is selling seriously, but they like old @microsoft change their mind all the time.
@duncanrobinson great idea.
RT @AlexJamesFitz: @om because we're given assignments in grade school that have minimum page requirements, so we grow up equating length a…

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