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Catch me face down on the keyboard like
or give me your coordinates so i can beat the shit out of you C;
but if you're standing on the other side of this fence then pls fuck off
i dont wish to relegate myself to a talking head position, appropriating issues unrelated to me for narrative designs
think about that compared to the extent of what he's written about zoe quinn and then talk to me about nepotism
(he was overselling it)
i had dinner with nathan grayson one night.... then he wrote an rps article calling something i made a "fleeting roar of pure mastery"
where is this level of anger concerning the promotion thats actually harming u? thats actually seeking to distract and addict you for money?
depression quest is a free, educational piece about the experience of living with depression. why exactly is its promotion even a concern?
where do you fucking nerds get this idea that sex is a commodity to be used for trade? pathetic
reminder that we live in a world of degenerate, treacherous swine:
this user has blocked you
My tongue isn't where it used to be
Taco Cabana island, ¥990000 unreachable
@gabrielverdon soul
Can anyone hook me up with an assassin gig? Email:
What's the phone # I can cancel my existence

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Maker of embroidered homewares, craft kits, Miso Funky big cheese, subtitler, lover of robots.

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