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Ambiguously yours, S. Miranda
I plan to finish lion and get as far, far away as I can. that's the carrot at the end of the stick for me right now sadly
I can't fucking hear this gamergate shit any longer. makes me want to quit. i'm unfollowing everybody for now, sorry
this user has blocked you
My tongue isn't where it used to be
Taco Cabana island, ¥990000 unreachable
@gabrielverdon soul
Can anyone hook me up with an assassin gig? Email:
What's the phone # I can cancel my existence
Black is the new black
Your skin blinds me, my skin blinds me
Goodnight , S. Miranda
I won't always need this body
She cut off my hands?
RT @king_spooner: game

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Maker of embroidered homewares, craft kits, Miso Funky big cheese, subtitler, lover of robots.

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