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I heard it's snowing up north already... #diveincharleston https://t.co/uEhmwrYkuO
S A L T + W A T E R + L I G H T #diveincharleston https://t.co/sLesBCAWLk
B O Y V E R S U S W O R L D #diveincharleston #collectmomentsnotthings https://t.co/CHbA1chYyn
I'm on a b&w kick, it must be the change of seasons. 🌨 It's always hard for me to let go of summer, but this... https://t.co/DCJ7MQkdlZ
S E E I N G C L E A R L Y #diveincharleston #collectmomentsnotthings https://t.co/jV6erLYF43
The Weekend's Over... #collectmomentsnotthings https://t.co/Eth4NkDjyQ
T A K E. A. B R E A T H #diveincharleston #collectmomentsnotthings https://t.co/GQQ3bXxNWQ
S M O O T H S A I L I N G #diveincharleston https://t.co/gcmSuRQYAK
Word by word. Wave by wave. It all gets done. #collectmomentsnotthings #diveincharleston https://t.co/h2IpCIQ7oz
That moment between bracing for the fall and just falling into it. #diveincharleston #collectmomentsnotthings https://t.co/rGAyU4U4Lc
K O K O P E L L I :: Energy personified! #collectmomentsnotthings https://t.co/m6HZTk41c1
Starting Monday off on the right foot. #collectmomentsnotthings https://t.co/JqT9oRxFOc
T R U E B L U E #diveincharleston https://t.co/2T0iQLA7Tl
It's so nice to be back to blue skies! #diveincharleston #collectmomentsnotthings https://t.co/714s1lM7uQ
I woke up to my photo on the cover of @chascitypaper Thanks y'all! I've also added more photos from Matthew to my... https://t.co/LdtVaCPgXp
Thank you to @gardenandgun for highlighting a few of my images from hurricane Matthew on your blog and letting... https://t.co/FOgLVbA3YN
The Cistern at the @collegeofcharleston was covered in leaves, but thankfully not downed trees the day after... https://t.co/WHUySXUfFQ
"Charleston Strong" on Rutledge and Francis Streets : Thank you to @bryandeel for driving me around these past... https://t.co/hJa1mI5hwQ
East Bay St near the Battery : The Pink House, a wedding venue and b&b survived Hurricane Matthew. A lot of... https://t.co/oNJiaNXCjc
A river runs through it on Tradd St yesterday after Hurricane Matthew swept through. As the water recedes, now it... https://t.co/vM6O2tN3fe

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A wedding and kids photographer specializing in modern, colorful and bold images that will be passed down for generations.

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