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Who's the strongest female character in fiction?
Who'd you get?
If you were forced to live the rest of your life as one of your characters who would it be? "Darren Mathews in BL…
Which book cover do you think would make beautiful wall art?
Black cats love books. #Caturday
RT @DEADLINE: FX To Develop ‘Highway 59’ Crime Drama Series Based On Attica Locke’s Book ‘Bluebird, Bluebird’ https…
Learn why everyone (including @CarlaHarrold) is thrilled that @Connellybooks 's #BoschIsBack:…
RT @Inkymole: This is @Malala holding her picture book ‘Malala’s Magic Pencil’ which I did the cover for; published by @littlebrown✏️💙😍 @ba…
Happy #Caturday! Are you a) reading today b) writing today c) BOTH?
"Communication via text, Gchat, or any form of social media allows us to indicate the end of a sentence by pressing…
Here's what we learned this week on the @DavidSedaris book tour: elephants are sneaky, David Sedaris lives in Sarah…
RT @MarySimses: With Amanda Kiernan from @FourArts in Palm Beach, before my presentation there this week. It was so much fun! @littlebrown…
Upload a photo to Instagram with your copy of OBAMA: AN INTIMATE PORTRAIT using hashtag #souzabook... @PeteSouza is…
“Molly likes to listen to me. My reading makes her happy.” ❤️🐶 📚
"HEATHER, THE TOTALITY may be slim but it packs a substantial punch." @seattlereviewof
"I'd like to see more diversity, in books, of every kind." @meganeabbott
Guess which book has been recommended by @dicapriofdn ​... (hint hint: 💧💧💧💧, @jeffgoodell...)
Learn more about @MohamedouOuld 's GUANTÁNAMO DIARY here:

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