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@SiRickards Credibility what you on about I say what I see unlike you ya little lamb
It takes more than wheeling out your old mate uri geller and har mar superstar to make a so called out there record snoozer as you were LG
Psychedelic music by a beige drip is like a vegetarian trying to sell you a kebab as you were LG x
I fucking love you Paris as you were LG x
To all my brothers and sisters experiencing all these earthquakes around the world my thoughts and prayers are with you stay strong LG x
Good to see all my German brothers and sisters lastnight the Reeperbahn rules so wie du warst LG x
Paris you were beautiful as always im of to Germany for the night I'll be back 1st thing so don't go changing as you were LG x
@Skepta I'm gonna do that natural mystic tune on my tour you up for getting up and down if your around LG x
@Skepta Yes Virgo bro when you coming round my way I got a bday present for ya stay tuned there's a natural mystic…
Life begins at 45 then as you were LFUKING x
Thank you for all the birthday vibes I love you all as you were LG 45 x
Good to see my French brothers n sisters tnight see you Saturday as you were LG x
Little shindig tnight in Paris can't wait as you were vive la France LG x
Nothing like a lovely stroll on the Heath on a Sunday morning with a loved 1 as you were LG x
MCFC Top of the league as you were LG x
Thank you milan that was BIBLICAL as you were LG x
If any 1 can MILAN can as you were LG x
It's a bit Mork n Mindy out as you were LG x
Just so happens to be turning out to be a lovely evening for it also as you were LG x

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