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The first trailer for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' is here https://t.co/rJWqKjVsTT
Dedication, expertise and a willingness to innovate. https://t.co/TiTGsskVei
@robkellas you can see ManUtd in Salt Lake in the summer. https://t.co/AWpfm4mfia https://t.co/eGRrwUShIU
Website been updated. Looks more appleasung to the eye. https://t.co/TW87PlDFM7
RT @Moz: Infinite "People Also Ask" Boxes: A Glimpse at Google's Deep Learning Edges by @BritneyMuller https://t.co/CaNCcDYzYs https://t.co…
https://t.co/HkmODgcHj4 https://t.co/1zW8Hpo99V
RT @mashable: This BMW bike you can ride without a helmet is the dream of thrillseekers everywhere https://t.co/gM5rCpdXhA
RT @bill_slawski: Improving topic clustering on search queries with word co-occurrence and bipartite graph co-clustering (pdf) https://t.co…
RT @mashable: This vintage 'Star Wars' holiday special will leave you scratching your head 🤔 https://t.co/84JbxSzqDX
When is the next game at old trafford? https://t.co/ZIrzD5T30T via @leejohnson
#lifehacks via @MonkeyTheorem https://t.co/n6qyQD8otA https://t.co/Fl43bx3sCw
When is the next game at old trafford? https://t.co/ZIrzD6aDSr
My mission may be simple, but attaining it takes dedication, expertise, and a willingness to innovate. https://t.co/hGFFAae4uu
just passed Google's latest course: https://t.co/vegY72T7tj / as mentioned on my website: https://t.co/TW87PlDFM7 #veryeasy #digitalgarage
Check your website for errors https://t.co/7ghdAtHhWq via @leejohnson
RT @rustybrick: Earlier today, Google Does Index & Rank Images Title Attribute Tags https://t.co/Vh8nVtL4W8
Latest website build. https://t.co/abLLTlQct7 ranking well already. Happy days. GEO location of pages essential.
SEO TOOLS website: https://t.co/xFrplcrK8d
RT @ArnieK: How advertisers should respond to fewer ads showing on Google https://t.co/lUiJyCQlxe
RT @SebastianX: The Sebastian Daily is out! https://t.co/TokNefjd20 Stories via @NathanJohns

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My name is Lee Johnson, I am a Google Consultant who advises and counsels both individuals and businesses with various website marketing needs via SEO and SEM.

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