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The wasteful fraud of sorting for youth meritocracy http://t.co/xtd57ZmFTS - by Seth Godin
Forgive yourself http://t.co/jCROPKu2De - by Seth Godin
It's a great book, it has no typos! http://t.co/IkY3gx4HGq - by Seth Godin
Turning passion on its head http://t.co/W5duBrwiJu - by Seth Godin
Really juicy read!!! http://t.co/hg6Dlo2RKp
Why don't authors compete? http://t.co/cePGkBG90E - by Seth Godin
Announcing a fall internship http://t.co/GcdcsA9j2P - by Seth Godin
Improve Business with Technology!: By: Renee Daggett Technology can help increase productivi... http://t.co/GXSAPgDB42 (via @wiconsult)
Missing in action. Why? Transitions are times when I need space and time to clear the clutter happening inside... http://t.co/Th633f7HVL
The end of everyone http://t.co/EXuA7HD58f - by Seth Godin
"I made it my mission..." http://t.co/mQ3wPnmFmC - by Seth Godin
The best lesson from Fantasy Football's success http://t.co/iUIbP3KiV8 - by Seth Godin
The idea is not the (only) hard part http://t.co/UnbJcVNltA - by Seth Godin
You could wreck this (if you want to) http://t.co/heQfqYErB4 - by Seth Godin
@BrandYou looks like some damage and several injuries in Napa, but South Bay/Silicon Valley is in tact.
Why drafting works http://t.co/AFJr9ceOpJ - by Seth Godin
The shortlist http://t.co/3LsUjLrqVz - by Seth Godin
If you choose to be in the dog food business... http://t.co/kIv7xWu4hD - by Seth Godin
Marketing a Service Business part 2: By: Kay Paumier In my previous post, I outlined some wa... http://t.co/QvhS3nDJdv (via @wiconsult)
Tone deaf http://t.co/mJ3XZjajgD - by Seth Godin

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