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If you choose to be in the dog food business... http://t.co/kIv7xWu4hD - by Seth Godin
Marketing a Service Business part 2: By: Kay Paumier In my previous post, I outlined some wa... http://t.co/QvhS3nDJdv (via @wiconsult)
Tone deaf http://t.co/mJ3XZjajgD - by Seth Godin
Totally and completely out of my control http://t.co/A3LmYdnfJX - by Seth Godin
Squidthanks http://t.co/W1NTKqee8N - by Seth Godin
Slacktivism http://t.co/D8U0V8LgOJ - by Seth Godin
Who named the colors? http://t.co/FN3hXfEKcN - by Seth Godin
Escalators, elevators and the ferry http://t.co/E6UolCSDTh - by Seth Godin
Skinny, sad and pale http://t.co/zDWOLjdpkK - by Seth Godin
my client is looking for 1sc affiliate manager. I need couple of recommendations. Please share. :)
Your arms race http://t.co/fXYUfBeelb - by Seth Godin
Marketing a Service Business: By: Kay Paumier All professionals, from lawyers and dentists t... http://t.co/nKS5c0mynj (via @wiconsult)
Doing the best I can http://t.co/AuQpSg8X6q - by Seth Godin
Just leave me to do my work! http://t.co/S1YHcI2HLs - by Seth Godin
What's it for? http://t.co/oU7EeMSifa - by Seth Godin
Are you aware of your brilliance and your immense value? http://t.co/gMTGaotQ8t
Understanding substitutes http://t.co/bWpmfQD8N3 - by Seth Godin
Tribes and their perceived threats http://t.co/tmCc5srHhB - by Seth Godin
A kick in the asterisk http://t.co/QVyAyvvV15 - by Seth Godin
"I don't get it" http://t.co/8RcbPeV5pM - by Seth Godin

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