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Let's make it happen today! Whatever it is. http://t.co/dQND5ov5VX
This is ours http://t.co/7QRozoOiU2 - by Seth Godin
The easy ride http://t.co/yn0ELZD4Qk - by Seth Godin
Doing the hard things http://t.co/QioOMjw5h4 - by Seth Godin
Brace for impact http://t.co/opA6Ee5O2X - by Seth Godin
If you can't sell it, you can't build it http://t.co/0JBY8uflza - by Seth Godin
NEEDED: Your opinion! What would you like to see more of on our Facebook page? Education, tips, motivation,... http://t.co/VQczmRWLEs
Back to the drawing board http://t.co/vYo607uuNW - by Seth Godin
It's only high school if you let it http://t.co/QZzwq9ATXr - by Seth Godin
"Successful people don't just prioritize: They consistently keep doing what they have decided is most important." - http://t.co/iuuWiDcV0L
Same as it ever was http://t.co/JW1Mljowju - by Seth Godin
Are you reading anything inspirational this summer? Please share! http://t.co/HMZ9mrsLcC
Where's your bumper? http://t.co/PuvlUSWbwm - by Seth Godin
What a glorious Monday morning! Let’s ROCK this week!! http://t.co/XjfEl03gMK
Finding your peer group http://t.co/iFPZIklrwY - by Seth Godin
Set clear goals and always work hard toward them every day!
Time to gear up for a new week… but not quite yet. Let's finish this weekend in style!
Go first http://t.co/C5U3yPoLpC - by Seth Godin
Abundance is a choice! Choose to acknowledge your blessings today.

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