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Are you freely pursuing the beginning of your next adventure? I hear ya - waiting to be ready, not having "all... http://t.co/B0HEFn00HM
Two elements of an apology http://t.co/AH9FRJ5xIP - by Seth Godin
Do you find that holding to something that does not serve you any more stops you from moving forward and growing?... http://t.co/gig3T0LNDV
Avoiding S-curve error http://t.co/OvxYOLfdVO - by Seth Godin
Are you putting your dreams on hold because your are waiting for perfection? http://t.co/eTFzruRnKf
People who like this stuff... http://t.co/OXhuTqCWnu - by Seth Godin
Who is ready to attract abundance into life? Know your money gifts, then use them to make your gorgeous dreams... http://t.co/dX0uJGi6ik
The most important thing http://t.co/eN1odIf6iO - by Seth Godin
My inspirational read The Alchemist -- I finally came around to pour my hear into this book. Here's why:... http://t.co/dQSHbmsQWZ
Without a keyboard http://t.co/HAsBM3IZ0x - by Seth Godin
Declutter your space, so you can declutter your mind! - Make your space cozy, comfortable and organized. Set 15... http://t.co/DhnTg7lQlI
Law and order http://t.co/dADXLMNgLD - by Seth Godin
That magical piece that makes you who you are, that sings your song quietly or out loud, do you recognize it? http://t.co/OCd3U08j7U
The launch meeting http://t.co/pVgbG0fV6B - by Seth Godin
Lighten Up Your Marketing: By: Kathy Klotz-Guest Humor is Human!  As content marketing explo... http://t.co/XonmVuOhSE (via @wiconsult)
One way: Ice bucket challenge!!! (see Proven Way #4)... http://t.co/qNNo92JqNm
Worthless (priceless) http://t.co/jIgmPFKcES - by Seth Godin
Lessons in life and business may be found in VERY unexpected places! What have you learned today?... http://t.co/8sUrbxkUky
The value of access http://t.co/jkLTFvxeEJ - by Seth Godin
If money, body image, color, or style was not a challenge, what would you wear today? http://t.co/yOxIESCppl

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