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A little more than a bushel, a little bit less http://t.co/cV31bc0aI6 - by Seth Godin
A little piece of nature's candy from my world. :) Wishing you one happy, gorgeous, delicious Friday! http://t.co/BtDmBX83BF
A little piece of nature's candy from my world. :) Wishing you one happy, gorgeous, delicious Friday! http://t.co/QQIMBNd4TD
The tragedy of the last 10% http://t.co/8f4YtQYVE0 - by Seth Godin
When you discover your true gifts and strengths, and align them with your big vision, there is this feeling of... http://t.co/y8kC7AtkAb
Inventing a tribe http://t.co/wm4kRBCdZu - by Seth Godin
The wrong question to ask yourself before crowdfunding http://t.co/4zNDQlmL6a - by Seth Godin
“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.” — Maya Angelou #wisewords via @IvankaTrump
"This will blow over" http://t.co/s1jTR0Na1O - by Seth Godin
Of course it's been done before http://t.co/z8y8iBHO8S - by Seth Godin
Is a photo of a Magritte painting better than the original? http://t.co/XhHVk2bZlP - by Seth Godin
"I need you" http://t.co/0oN6GxFjWK - by Seth Godin
Crowding the pan http://t.co/8T29nxrqAx - by Seth Godin
Staffed by mimes http://t.co/jZOJE6EkMg - by Seth Godin
10 Things I Do On LinkedIn Each Week.: By: Sandy Jones-Kaminski LinkedIn was the subject of ... http://t.co/7rq4uyUSFl (via @wiconsult)
The time to think about middlemen is before there's only one http://t.co/aHrRp1qojF - by Seth Godin
An end of radio http://t.co/NOtaA5DvWV - by Seth Godin
Everyday is YOUR day. Honor yourself, your dreams, your passion, your desire, your ambition. Re-commit to YOU... http://t.co/FmmDku9gyV
A Peter Corollary http://t.co/o50ZeuZV4c - by Seth Godin
30-min Get it Done Time: Get your environment ready for some crazy, sexy productiveness this week! Clear the... http://t.co/IzllLS3Z5c

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