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Still pouring in Burlington. Sewers are flowing. Ireland park. #Burlington #slightchanceofrain http://t.co/W8ssdkOIMr
All hands on deck.Fire Services being utilized to help block roads due to flooding. #Burlington #slightchanceof rain http://t.co/QEaY0FMoAZ
Another shot of the 11th hole at Millcroft golf course. #Burlington #slightchanceofrain http://t.co/UwR0ZGQkAX
Golf anyone? Millcroft golf course? 11th Hole. #Burlington #slightchanceofrain http://t.co/2TziCwG4CP
@wp58 @weathernetwork http://t.co/l5Grkt53gS
@Pamreports http://t.co/nb4a1tXUFj
Watch for oncoming traffic 407 between Appleby and dundas. #Burlington #slightchanceofrain http://t.co/tLwCEux1wQ
Even halton's finest are getting stuck! #slightchanceofrain #Burlington http://t.co/YELjEKYH84
Just a little rain here in Burlington. #Burlington #slightchanceofshowers http://t.co/0gDm4QLB7n
Sunsets rarely get better. #canadiansummer http://t.co/L9A1oWtT6i
Playing with Drones. http://t.co/1PAeT7RTfs
Sometimes leaving retirement for a day has its benefits. #idontshootweddings #owensound #backlightbride #weddings http://t.co/HmljXvGVnt
Who pays when friends and families don't act on warning signs? Prayers for the fallen and their families #Moncton #monctonshooting
@chrisbozek just don't give in to that sinking feeling that what you are wearing also needs washing .... Trust me ... Someone will see!
@zarias a silloette isn't a shadow as it is an object placed infront of light, vs shadow: shape of an object created by blocking light.
I was once read that there is no such thing as weeds, but rather people's weedy misconceptions! http://t.co/JXMmEF7eZU
It's also easier too! #quoteoftheday #simplelogic http://t.co/pBLBe5TFRN
Ah Switzerland! http://t.co/d44MQOvy2F
It's not our differences that divide people.It's our collective inability or unwillingness to recognize, accept or embrace those differences

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