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2 liters of H20 today. Wondering how people manage to drink 8 liters a day..
@tseri_su lait talaga. yung isang officemate ko, nilapitan niya ko para I-comfort ako. sabi niya, di naman daw ako ganun kataba. 😭
@lanied3ph caught off guard ako. sana nakapaghanda man lang ako ng pampikon rin sa kanya. 😏
@lanied3ph reaction sa mga taong nanalalait sa akin dahil mataba ako. 😁 #pikon
RT @franciskong: If you did well, celebrate but set higher goals and become better.
RT @TheDailyLove: You decide how much you are worthy by what you put up with and ask of the world. #RaiseYourStandards #DailyLove
@twitnshout sigh. for some reason, doesn't work for me. ebooks, I mean. #oldschool
My longest four (4) days in this project starts today. #kontinalang
Which version to buy? #got http://t.co/qjWXF1WPfq
No plastic bags. #savetheearth http://t.co/9AKEqWWUdM
RT @TIME: 10 amazing places to visit before they vanish http://t.co/t52ibeDeVd
Can't help but notice how @AirAsia is handling #QZ8501 incident in a very personal manner. #respect
Heartbreaking #QZ8501
@twitnshout you're in Manila? 😳 sayang. 😞
The wifi's pword in the resto I am in is "tipgenerously". How creative.
@twitnshout danke. 😉 kamustasa?
Resuscitating my Twitter account.
RT @HecklerForever: Report: Red Cross calls for volunteers for Ebola duty in West Africa I NOMINATE CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS.
RT @TIME: Neuroscience and psychiatry explain the benefits of meditation http://t.co/lLGAsQTrcI

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