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Walking time... https://t.co/5pPumYZ2ac
Adobo, Binagoongan, and Tocino kind of Saturday.. https://t.co/UGHPf56cEE
This is what French Fries is all about! https://t.co/p37r125uXF
Listening to classical music for a change.
#RIPChristina Never met her, not even followed her accounts but sad and affected. It does not make sense.
It's the time of the year for pro-cleaning. https://t.co/J5YvajPKFY
#chewmaan #nakiki-chewy https://t.co/86uZxUPHTA
Baste's doppelganger https://t.co/HLg7XIdMFP
#expectationvsreality #nichinan https://t.co/dbr8Mxkr6t
When solitude means taking a bath on an open toilet on top of a tree. #tbt #gibbonexperience https://t.co/qeSq1yoVru
Spell stress. https://t.co/O4mrPisoUi
Was visibly offended when server asked whether I'm finished with my ramen.. I now saw him warn others when they were about to approach me. πŸ˜›
@twitnshout there's scarcity of apple service center here, only authorized ones.. And their locations are not so convenient to go to. 😐
@twitnshout it wasn't moving at all. Cannot open whatsapp nor messenger.
It took me an Iphone6s plus 16G to consider ditching Apple altogether. πŸ‘Š change is coming.
Few minutes after going out of the car wash, it rained. πŸ˜’ Awesome. Just awesome. https://t.co/J0y65YsMrY
After x numbers of years of neglect, it had become hard and had taken the shape of its… https://t.co/guppPd8Ivd
Just posted a photo https://t.co/X6EGHs4Mpo
Really addictive. #querklesmasterpieces #colorbynumber #venusdemilo https://t.co/zmRrJYKha9

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