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RT @AmazingiGrace: You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
I met @ClaudioPagliara yesterday. Awesome. :-)
RT @govph: International community reiterates support for Mindanao peace efforts: http://t.co/XKBXudIBxr #Bangsamoro http://t.co/URPM9oJDeq
RT @TIME: Emma Watson was named the most "outstanding woman" in the world http://t.co/Vcg3AAkfGy http://t.co/jmGMi537kp
I met a geologist yesterday. Awesome. ;-)
RT @ThislsAmazing: J.R.R. Tolkien's original first page for Lord of the Rings, 1937 http://t.co/sHzt72YL9i
RT @senmiriam: Maniwala ka sa sarili mo. Ang kaya nila ay kaya mo rin. Mas kaya mo pa, hindi mo lang alam.
RT @senmiriam: Practice self-leadership and excellence. Kaya mo iyan!
Last week's climb started with sightings of Macaca Fascicularis. https://t.co/931joKzQnD
RT @TIME: Improve your life by doing these activities daily http://t.co/e1s2I4Nbd6
#YOLO is not applicable to all.
RT @divasoria: Ostentatious display of wealth in a country with a wide social disparity is really just plain rude.
@cHink0i @VenusV @YabYYuugi may isa pang pinoy na parang manager talaga.. nagbibigay ng free drink, etc. Nagmamando ng iba pang Pinoy..
RT @cnnbrk: 9 foreign workers believed to be in the hands of ISIS-affiliated militants after an attack on a Libyan oil field http://t.co/WX…
@cHink0i @VenusV @YabYYuugi si tisoy, dati, nakita ko sa Pasta Zanmai Subang..
@VenusV @YabYYuugi @cHink0i sana. Pero walang announcement eh. 😒
No more favorite #PastaZanmai @YabYYuugi @cHink0i @VenusV http://t.co/8BU0yzQBZg
The lesser shampoo I use, the lesser hair fall I have.
RT @TIME: Here's why we still can't find the missing Malaysia Airlines jet http://t.co/5uTWqWAyUz
RT @tonyfernandes: Meritocracy is the only way. Women, race, religion, nationality makes no difference in Airasia. We allow all to live t…

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