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@RepReneeEllmers Just saw you on CNN and must say how embarrassed I am for North Carolina! Get over ObamaCare and get on with it!
For a limited time, Port Casper is FREE for the Kindle! Do you like classic sci-fi?
So that wraps up my time at Ally via FIS. Let's just call it an interesting experience and move on. Time to start my next gig back at BOA t…
So far so good with my new gig at FIS Global! The PCI project is turning out to be quite interesting.
Two months left at Bank of American then I hit the 18 month wall! It's either convert to the dark side or move on...much like our President…
3 months before I hit my 18 month brick wall at BofA. Better start looking for that next gig...
Happy to be back in Enterprise Compliance Technology at BofA!
Another 6 month extension at BofA! Woo hoo!
Contract at BofA extended until July...I'm happy to stick around and participate in the fun! 80)
I will be available starting April 2nd for any senior IT management roles in the Charlotte area.
Who's in charge of @RoomsToGola customer service in North Carolina?
Very annoyed at Rooms To Go! Their customer service is absolutely c rap!!
Woot! Oxford English Dictionary adds cyberbullying, sexting. Retweet.
Bank Of America Expected To Lay Off Thousands |
Fitch reaffirms top U.S. credit rating
Booming business of fear: Sales of safes soar
Shoppers keep economy rolling
Moody's: Why we're not downgrading U.S. yet
S&P rating downgrade: China piles on
United States loses prized AAA credit rating from S&P | Reuters

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