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What should brands be focusing on in #Facebook in 2014? @jtobin's answer will surprise you: http://t.co/q216A3U66f
The most important tip for preventing a social media crisis, from @jtobin [http://t.co/q216A3U66f]. #smm #cmgr
The Future of Facebook May Not Say ‘Facebook’ http://t.co/vE4IyUJ9f9
Can crowdfunding help people own their neighborhoods? Q&A with @BenMillerise [http://t.co/23usQ2HAAw].
RT @fundrise: Can crowdfunding help people own their neighborhoods? - Q&A with @BenMillerise http://t.co/GNUa0ynWfd via @ignitesma @CraigDo…
RT @VanessaWi11iams: Can Crowdfunding Help People Own Their Neighborhoods? http://t.co/7qGEvAi2LJ via @ignitesma
RT @pisarose: Ensure your promotional #hashtags follow @FTC guidelines - http://t.co/okZn3y5EdU @ignitesma #Pinterest
Sweet! @MikeFraietta answered on Jelly, “I like this one by Airbnb ” http://t.co/qJcVbjntqh #askjelly
RT @ShortStackLab: Keep those #contest #hashtags legal or risk the wrath of the FTC: http://t.co/YKJ5sKNyMq via @ignitesma
@ChrisLoveNC There is an associate community manager position open for our Cary office.
RT @theyarenotme: FTC is going get ya - Checklist to Ensure Contest Hashtags Follow FTC Guidelines http://t.co/53umN6z1q2 via @ignitesma
RT @MeganDemarais: Are Your Promos are FTC- Friendly? "Checklist to Ensure Contest Hashtags Follow FTC Guidelines" http://t.co/vxeJuVTjLv v…
Now you can pin tweets and Twitter will highlight tweets with the most engagement: http://t.co/waVPRsRizc
15+ Awesome Google+ Tricks You Might Not Know About: http://t.co/fABjbZt4h7
Checklist to Ensure Contest Hashtags Follow FTC Guidelines: http://t.co/In55PBexZ9 #cmgr #smm
RT @ryalcurtis: #socialmedia tip: Be really, really transparent, no matter the social network http://t.co/mFtlH1C4V2 h/t @ignitesma
Tips on monetizing marketing from @jtobin [http://t.co/DUmnVgnER6 via @IBDinvestors
How to work within the rules for FTC's new hashtag policy [http://t.co/In55PBexZ9]. #smm #cmgr
@amplifyit thanks for sharing! p.s. Colorado is awesome!
RT @Stefan_Laurell: Zappos' Excellent Customer Service Results in a Superbly Written Response http://t.co/sm4uVQNuoi via @ignitesma -> Reru…

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