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#social2015 - Jim Tobin shares his thoughts on where social media marketing is headed next year http://t.co/jRdxcWT8nz
Facebook adds new tools for marketers http://t.co/JezKzbZrFy
RT @TIME: Library of Congress declares Ferris Bueller part of America's national heritage http://t.co/gbdsV5AWca
RT @MktgRobot: Theory for 2015 from @ignitesma - Being the content is more valuable than being around the content. #Social2015 https://t.co…
@clpsince1987 @evanpdunn interest targeting since it offers a way to go beyond demos and engage at a deeper level
RT @tarynwismer: Great news! New Facebook publishing tools gives brands more control: http://t.co/I2eiG0oFOX via @ignitesma
@JBartMills thanks for sharing!
@atmmc @KyleStuef @misimcclelland it's not so scary!
Apple Is Already Building Its Next Massive Business And No One Seems To Have Noticed - http://t.co/QilyGhfykd
If You Want A Billion-Dollar Startup Idea, Take A Look At This Chart - http://t.co/vp8l2upaTN
Half of Narendra Modi's Twitter followers are fake, claims social media firm - The - http://t.co/3Q0azDH7wx
Dark Social Media: What it is and Why Marketers Should Care http://t.co/APpJ4n6X1J
Download: How to capture the attention of today's distracted consumers - Digiday - http://t.co/BQXBZPaCQH
Netflix Will Be 'Everywhere' in 5 Years, Plus Other Thoughts from Ted Sarandos - http://t.co/ObO0fg4eJS
Facebook mulls adding a dislike button - http://t.co/irg7TM04XJ
Changing Tides of Social & Content in 2015 - http://t.co/k0ZT8pMbxl
RT @docstoc: Does your company have a "community manager?" See how the role has evolved in 10 yrs via @ignitesma http://t.co/pyixDSYZSJ
RT @digitallyour: Though Less Effective, Standard Banners Still 97 Percent Of Mobile Display http://t.co/bQyWECjw2y
Techstars, Mayo Clinic Team Up to Launch Post-Accelerator Program - http://t.co/VkOSYqb3Oz
Here's How to Really Measure the ROI of Your Content-Marketing Strategy - http://t.co/jfa08R4OFZ

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