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RT @ghenzoloue: @BeppeGrillo_M5S @BeppeGrilloNews #vinciamonoi #movimentocinquestelle #m5s http://t.co/vw1eJJB3k3
RT @HarvardBiz: Is Collaboration the New Greenwashing? http://t.co/aIBOmBPXPX
It Takes More Than Translation to Go Global | ClickZ: http://t.co/OsedIWy5
RT @langology: How bilingual babies keep languages separate | read the study here: http://t.co/eljmkuLj
PopvoxCEO M. Harris "a dedicated team w/ shared vision is one of the most valuable resources http://t.co/mtpvcLuD #makemeaningtomakemoney"
Do you make this mistake when you present yourself, your product, or your company? Skills don't add up, they average. http://t.co/GZb2EJWI"
Apple iPad Mini "mobile" experience vs original iPad "lean back" experience: what does it mean for advertisers?http://t.co/YKTP2tEw"
Me Translate Funny One Day http://t.co/uo4yMk14"
RT @edwardboches: Traditional media companies (Disney in this case) still struggle to get digital right. http://t.co/60jUZhbZ
In a world where technology allowed work into private life, companies offer “a peace of mind at home”. http://t.co/qLJkf7h5
Technology allowed work into our private life.Can companies improve our life w/ personal perks like housecleaning? http://t.co/qLJkf7h5"
RT @HarvardBiz: What happens when you dare to dream, make that dream real, and then fail? http://t.co/QJNrDoDx
RT @thedailybeast: The future of work is virtual, casual, and less loyal to employers http://t.co/fbj4LmQ5
Linkedin's Exec Editor: how to curate the most important articles for the most important people in the target industry http://t.co/Gn2L1No6
LOOK: What Success Really Looks Like vs. What People Think It Looks Like http://t.co/wN6ciY5h #lifeisarollercoaster
@natalykelly @CSA_Research @xl8book @HarvardBiz going local or disavowing its own identity?
RT @HarvardBiz: Can you work well with someone you've never met in person? http://t.co/eHuHYlBk
10 most powerful words for copywriting in English. Take 'me', 'us' and match them with the king word 'you'. http://t.co/wHu8GLBY
Cultural anthropologist works @Intel, travelling the world to understand how people use technology. http://t.co/0rFMt8oB
RT @MarleeMatlin: A great video tribute to interpreters & translators, both spoken & signed Thanks for ALL you do for the WORLD. ...

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Our company provides Multilingual Marketing Solutions to penetrate new markets. The limits of my language are the limits of my world. L Wittgenstein

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