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@scienmag oh yeah...!
kujika, sorry.... Twitter is awful for spelling mistakes!
Finding out about the #kujuka, the aboriginal #songlines - this ridge in the Blue Mountains west of #Sydney traces…
So excited to see & hear Jonas Kauffman live in Parsifal at the Sydney Opera House
@katienat88 Astroship XB982 - nothing so poetic as Millenium Falcon but it has its own charm #Valerian
Great to see a scifi film that isn't about vengeance, a glorification of war, and fighting for fighting's sake #Valerian
Loved Laureline in #Valerian - true to the spirit of the original, funny, smart, competent, a fighter and a little whistful
Not sure why so many critics are down on #valerian - all films have their flaws but I loved it. Would certainly go again!
Wagner in Parsifal : You see, my son, time here becomes space.
Two raving maniacs pointing fingers and shaking their fists at each other - Trump and Kim. It's not funny anymore.
So excited to see & hear Jonas Kauffman live in Parsifal at the Sydney Opera House
Sitting at the doors at the #SOH Sydney Opera House waiting to go in to hear Kauffman in Parsifal #parsifal #opera
Have signed up for this year's #3DayNovel contest, 3rd year in a row. This time I will be writing from Australia!
Black Dog Institute where I work in Sydney, Australia - an institute for research in mental health
Cool view of Alpha Centauri A and B in the reflector at the Sydney Observatory tonight #astronomy
Am off to the Sydney Observatory tonight, for a guided tour of the southern sky
Talking to Yourself in the Third Person Can Help You Control Stressful Emotions via @NeuroscienceNew
I am investigating the beginnings of a technology that could help monitor for signs of physical #abuse #mentalhealth
Remember, modern #cognitivescience tells us that movement and thought belong to the same continuum #embodiment
So, I am working on the cover blurbs for my books. Tricky to do well #writing #publishing

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Fashion commentary from a new designer label : fashion design process - R&D - fashion technology - fashion & society - créateur & bloggeur
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Our first garment line, called g-zip, will feature transformable women's dresses and tops.

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