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The passing of an era, a sensitive soul and a brilliant writer. It’s hard to imagine a world without her ongoing voice #RIPUrsulaKLeGuin
Interactive 3D environment that complements our scifi opera, currently under development.…
Have decided to look into my options for retirement. My colleagues who have retired encourage me to do so - fiscal…
@JasonStarrBooks If you count TV (mini-series), then either « The Children of Dune » or « The Expanse » top SF films
@JasonStarrBooks « Contact » is the one I go back to watch and rewatch
#SocIG Un joyeux Noel à tous mes étudiants du cours Société de l’Information Géographique. Un grand merci pour tous vos efforts sur Twitter!
@cbcbreakaway Songs : I really like the Shania Twain - Michael Buble White Christmas. A bit sacharine, but at Chris…
@CBCBreakaway Films at Christmas? Lord of the Rings - because it is long, it is a family fave, and it is a great film trilogy!
Fascinating complex!
Lisa Boivin and Julia Gray presenting important settler- #indigenous colonisation issues and their intersection wit…
I have been thinking about what we scientists do - lay the groundwork for transforming lives on budgets that are re…
Great way to present an overview of the diverse work on improving lives of children with #disability being presente…
Something you don't often see in a science talk - dancing! At Bloorview Research Institute's 12th Annual Meeting -…
Great talk by Ontario Minister @rezamoridi at BRI Annual Meeting - rare to get a really well informed intro talk fr…
Cool and thoughtful presentation on electronic tectiles and #smartgarments by Dr Amanda Fleury at Bloorview Researc…
Really interesting talk by Minister @rezamoridi - rare to get such a well informed introductory talk from a politic…
@NaNoWordSprints My Nano chart #NaNoWrMo for 2017
#Finished my #NaNoWrMo manuscript! 52000 words. Have gone back to working on my opus, to finish out the month
My #NaNoWrMo novel is going great, an amazing story is unfolding. 38000 words completed
RT @GNCordova: I rarely ever click on videos on this app but I watched this until the end.

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Fashion commentary from a new designer label : fashion design process - R&D - fashion technology - fashion & society - créateur & bloggeur
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Our first garment line, called g-zip, will feature transformable women's dresses and tops.

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