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@L1AD To be clear the founders aren’t fighting with each other. They are fighting with the person they picked to run the foundation
@whitneymcn @aweissman I like this song and the image too!
@ksheekey @TheStalwart i made the daily read!
"We now have 30,000 data scientists .... 100x more than any other hedge fund ... we are not yet two years old"
@infoarbitrage Well said Roger. It doesn't take a lot to do the right thing in these circumstances but so many of o…
Yesss. I really like this work by @josh_nussbaum
@jmpailhon That's wrong. I said 10-20% for "true believers". I think something like 5% for sophisticated investors might make sense
@popo I have 2x and 3x stickers. But you can really rack up the points when you travel to new places
So many CEOs tell me that this is a game changer for them and their companies
@whitneymcn @aweissman I will never boycott Twitter
@whitneymcn @aweissman Aha. I repeated myself. I'm trying to do our morning ritual in the evening. It's not working very well
@whitneymcn @aweissman "if I could play the piano"
@aweissman @whitneymcn
@aweissman @whitneymcn well we have to celebrate that
@whitneymcn @aweissman
@cburniske Like this
@aweissman @whitneymcn right back at you
@aweissman @whitneymcn coming right back at you with chill rock
@L1AD I also bought a new Pixel V1 last week. Needed to be equipped for my trip. Oh well

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