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On @ffweekend, @CLewandowski_ praised @POTUS's speech at the @UN.
.@POTUS Blasts @NFL Anthem Kneelers
MONDAY on #Hannity, @seanhannity talks to Steve Bannon - Tune in at 9p ET on Fox News Channel! #Hannityat9
MONDAY: Watch @seanhannity at a new time, 9p ET, when he'll interview Steve Bannon! #Hannityat9
On Twitter, comedian @chelseahandler proposed a trade of leaders between Washington and Pyongyang.…
On #TheCostofFreedom, @emilyjashinsky talked about the US response to overseas disasters like the recent devastatio…
General Jack Keane: "North Korea has become a global pariah."
.@TheFive moves back to 5p ET starting Monday. Tune in to @FoxNews Channel!
North Korea stages massive anti-US rally
.@CortesSteve: "We have in @POTUS an amazing quarterback. What we need now are some dependable receivers on Capitol…
Yesterday, President @realDonaldTrump made himself clear - again - on how he feels about athletes who kneel for the…
On @ffweekend, @KevinJacksonTBS said he loves @POTUS's remarks about players who kneel during the National Anthem.…
.@KevinJacksonTBS: '@Kaepernick7 Effect' to Blame for @NFL's Ratings Decline
On @ffweekend, @dbongino slammed Jimmy Kimmel for taking a one-sided stance in the healthcare debate.…
On "Hannity," @KayaJones talked about being one of the few outspoken conservatives in entertainment.…
Trump: North Korean leaders 'won't be around much longer' if they strike US
Ben Stein: "Terrible thing that the left-wingers... are shouting down [speakers]. It's a horrible, anti-Democratic…
.@KevinJacksonTBS said he loves @POTUS's remarks about @NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem.…
California shooting: Second video shows suspect punching officer prior to gunfire
On a recent episode of her daytime show, Ellen DeGeneres made clear whether or not she'd book @POTUS anytime soon.

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