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RT @MastFarm: Of course there is always a "catch"! | http://t.co/4TaEwpx1bu | #military #vacation #travel #special
RT @ChefSmith1987: We're looking for a restaurant manager to join our team @Dev_Hotels! Beautiful place and the luxury of working with me!!…
When Social Media Intrudes on Fine Dining - ABC News http://t.co/T66iPxjf8J
@jamescapetown you always say that, triple blush :)
@jamescapetown glad you enjoyed it :)
@Monscierge TY again for the passalong :)
The Tourism Daily is out! http://t.co/gEQJtbPGah Stories via @PhoCusWright @ConciergeQ @AvantGuide
What Makes Hotel Guests Your Most Influential Marketers - E-Marketing Associates http://t.co/9e82VuL9LG
Eye-Tracking Heatmaps - Business Insider http://t.co/vXiyeCKx2P especially interesting (near the bottom) Facebook and Pay per click ads
"Airbnb, TripAdvisor join Travel Tech trade group" http://t.co/V3d3nYq2ZI ouch
20 Social Media Post ideas for Toastmasters | The Chief Logroller's Blog http://t.co/crsUOClGyO
Don’t let bad disability etiquette turn off guests | National Restaurant Association http://t.co/ztdo1cmivS
How To Improve The Customer Experience By 180 Degrees http://t.co/FQHrOmhxaj
America's best bed-and-breakfasts http://t.co/OJgpKMZXTh
@Merty_McMerty gotcha
Bill Marriott: Where Hotels Are Going - WSJ http://t.co/42yb1oWfua
@Merty_McMerty I know, just busting your chops, how was the concert last night?
Stay Responsible: How Hotels Are Embracing ‘Green’ | TravelPulse http://t.co/cVBZDIQf7I
@Merty_McMerty get as keurig
@Monscierge TY, don't you just love the term bridezilla? cracks me up every time. Although should be weddingplannerzilla too

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