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@MikeSinger Hi Mike, just came across your site via @ducttape do you have any examples of anyone already set up we can see?
@SocialLynn Thanks!! I meant to ask does your hubbie have any relatives on the East coast, funny if we were cousins
The Hospitality Daily is out! http://t.co/umTkYrHDJU Stories via @BelgraviaBB @MountDoraBnB
The lodging3 Daily is out! http://t.co/RPy4JPTREu Stories via @PrincessHotels @RickwoodPortpat
.@SupportVR Thank you guys as always for the awesome customer support!
@jamescapetown TY for the RT James, your a peach!
@15LindumTerrace lots of info out there, social media examiner is a great place to keep up on changes http://t.co/ubnvGR3o9Z
@HoptonHouseBnB Thank you Karen, as always!!!
@InnkeeperVA TY for the post passalong too!
@15LindumTerrace happy to, sorry that happened, I see it too frequently, not twitters fault just people clicking on links they shouldn't :(
@InnkeeperVA oy vay!
@jamescapetown TY dear, I guess they got it
@sledhead23 me? out of trouble? not a chance!
Airbnb, should innkeepers beat em or join em? | Chefforfeng's Weblog http://t.co/LEYrWnD85C
@15LindumTerrace guys, don't forget to disable any apps that have access to the account first and then change pssword, otherwise will rehack
The lodging2 Daily is out! http://t.co/K7sO0RChA9 Stories via @OpusHotel @WSOBE @MaryBallinsheen
Well, at least one new feature of the "new" twitter is helpful, reporting a compromised account http://t.co/MIPFGSTDdD
HELP UK Lodging peeps, does anyone know @15LindumTerrace and how to get hold of them? Looks like accounts been hacked and going nuts
The Real Cost Of Bad Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC] - AllTwitter http://t.co/s3dzhFKbjj
7 Common Hashtag Mistakes To Avoid - AllTwitter http://t.co/IpYZNsK3PI

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