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USPS at it's finest apparently. http://t.co/wMRFNMhGA3
@dcraig Yikes is right
A Glasgow Hostel Owner And Guest Got Into An Epic Argument On Facebook And Now It's Gone Viral http://t.co/nObSo0iNr5 holey chimichangas
@SleepingBulldog @saybrookptinn LOL, not sure if I can double follow :)
The Hospitality Daily is out! http://t.co/d6jqP8RNyJ Stories via @gilmorehouse
The lodging3 Daily is out! http://t.co/Vme7RAxR6o Stories via @DolceHotels @Faunbrook @HiltonAnaheim
@RobtRowell that sounds like everything is doing well
@RobtRowell hey Robert, thanks, things are good! How are things out in the desert?
RT @nokidhungry: Stick a toothpick in it. Childhood hunger is DONE. Join our #BakeSaleBlitz! Register TODAY http://t.co/gJQTLVFenv http://t…
RT @RobtRowell: How can you tell if someone is talking to you? They look at you. Eye contact is heart contact. #speaking
RT @SleepingBulldog: Travel tip #79: store electronic cords and earbuds in a sunglasses case! http://t.co/FfuCxSovC5
Enfield Speech Weavers Toastmasters Club http://t.co/YK8KbbmFhj #toastmasters rocks (meet our members)
@InnkeeperVA Thank you :) Question if you know, is Trippo still around? I thought they gave up the hospitality aim?
Innteractive Inns: Don't get swept out to sea innkeepers http://t.co/qzczwX55Hp
When ad slogans go wrong #5 #bedandbreakfast this one cracks me up because its the reverse http://t.co/4KhxpcyQ8p
Toastmasters Reveals 2014 International Convention Speakers | The Executive Speech Coach Blog http://t.co/XuNQGORQxG
@CtDrinks @TasteHartford @CherylBudge @SolomonEvents Your most very welcome
The lodging2 Daily is out! http://t.co/K7sO0RChA9 Stories via @RoeParkResort @tylneyhall @lazylanecabins
Apparently mama nature doesn't want to get work done today, 3 thunderstorms in 12 hours, yipes
@TasteHartford @CtDrinks @gozer111 @infinityhall @AdelineJessica @CTCares @PeelLiqueurs @jesscorreia @MaxsOysterBar @SavvyShopperCT Cheers!

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