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while not a Groupon fan, kudos for breaking Facebook with the banana bunker post, the Groupon replies are priceless https://t.co/jC78XWOYo1
RT @innkeeping: 5 Ways To Leverage The Hidden Benefits Of Online Reviews... http://t.co/x3urVrHivc
The Lodging6 Daily is out! http://t.co/IQWnHtiPM7 Stories via @BolehillFarm @Legacy_Preston @classyklb
The Rise of Revenge Yelp, and Why It Will Only Make Restaurants Worse http://t.co/kfQzBWHrCU
Marketers Weigh In on Periscope vs. Meerkat http://t.co/jvmPbj0zBV
@salidarowe love (d) JC, such an inspiring woman for my industry
20 of the Best Chefs in the World Are Banding Together to Save the Oceans http://t.co/RGu9AWKyTg
5 ways millennials' dining habits are different from their parents' http://t.co/57pcIYY1cU
@katherinternet I thought Groot was the best part of the movie :)
RT @Benioff: Today we are canceling all programs that require our customers/employees to travel to Indiana to face discrimination. http://t…
RT @Benioff: Have you asked your company's CEO how they are responding to the Indiana discrimination bill now? http://t.co/SvTwyCZ8nc
RT @Monscierge: Choose your own (hotel development) adventure http://t.co/pB6D7gEztQ via @shawn_turner1
Facebook Launches New Video Embeds & Comment Syncing From Site To Page http://t.co/x9SUDvgLxS I can see copyright infridgement screaming now
Links can help, hurt or hinder your website's rank on Google http://t.co/BW6Gl54Zpi #innkeeping #B&Bs via @AcornInternet
The Tourism Daily is out! http://t.co/jZiQ8t8aak Stories via @smartwomentrav @AvantGuide @vshropshire
RT @dcraig: Google not smelling too rosy here re: review tactics. What happened to ethos "Don't be evil"? http://t.co/GXrYHblvIp @denschaal…
@WFFHQ @TheRealNimoy Cheers! and thank you for the follow as well! #LLAP #womensleadership
10 Stories of Inspiring Women From the Restaurant Industry You Need to Know — Medium http://t.co/e5N1yutoCS
The lodging4 Daily is out! http://t.co/TcB17WReDt Stories via @HanoverInn @ValleyRiverInn @Woolacombehotel
Cities using social media to police restaurants http://t.co/CSi4WBHevo

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