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@ExmoorHouseWX it is thank you, I know well those "sorting" out weeks.
@Sears well considering you just ruined his Christmas surprise I would hope you would take it under advisement :(
@Sears our rewards account which is to linked to my husband's email address, So needless to say he now knows what he's getting for x-mas.
@Sears Just a thought Guys, give customers the ability to opt out of digital email receipts and just do printed. Our phone # is linked to
The Tourism Daily is out! http://t.co/gEQJtcokkl Stories via @dcraig @AvantGuide @smartwomentrav
@ExmoorHouseWX :) Hope your having a great week!
The lodging4 Daily is out! http://t.co/S0ZZ2rpK9R Stories via @Pinfoldcottage @WildHoneyInn @scarpettavenere
I just have to say, Love Love LOVE @MobileVetWestMA
The Hospitality Daily is out! http://t.co/d6jqP9qrIN Stories via @Scout_GPF @carojcooper @ExmoorHouseWX
Google Analytics: Tracking the Money - About The Inn http://t.co/TmWjMXRsYX #innkeepers #HMS
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@OnlineFantastic that's very true. I have a lot of respect for @AreMorch and don't always agree with him, but I do read before I tweet
@OnlineFantastic @AreMorch 24/7 as are good owners, do you mind being called at 2:00 am? Because they are used to it.
@OnlineFantastic @AreMorch but the difference between hiring someone to manage is one thing, reacting in a crisis is another. GMs are on
@OnlineFantastic @AreMorch they do have that option absolutely. And yes I agree being "good" at is technically a full time job but they
@OnlineFantastic but having worked with lodging for many years specifically, there are so many examples of why they should be up to it.
@OnlineFantastic lodging rep management get out of control because the head people are not up to speed. Your entitled to your own opinion
@OnlineFantastic results of owners and managers who don't know how and what to do when a crisis happens, I've seen way to many examples of

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