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Great tribute: Jimmy Breslin was the greatest newspaper columnist ever https://t.co/JYtKG9w8iv via @BostonGlobe
"He counter punches so hard he often hits himself." -- Ari Fleisher on Trump's inability to control his temper.
Met this dude named Josue today walking around taking photos. Skilled young barber. Told me the hair speaks to him … https://t.co/lUMrEPdQqW
Scene in a barber shop. Walked in off the street to take some photos. #barbershop #barber #shavedhead #street #stre… https://t.co/mFWlXppBII
Pay attention to punctuation. Or pay a few extra million. https://t.co/yAyNO3sNuy
The story behind the video. Real life shows up at the most unexpected moments. https://t.co/JFvFsYZk94
Get plowed. Courtesy of Pornhub. Via Dustin Johnson https://t.co/espE11cXIa
Huh? What? Wait, this is not SNL? OMG, the real Kellyanne is trying to compete with Kate McKinnon. And she is doin… https://t.co/J5z26Sn8nv
Forced marriage for 14 and 15 year old girls. Wow. I had no idea this was still legal in NY and other states. Yet … https://t.co/WLkWmylYbx
A very good read. Are colleges failing to prepare students to encounter and engage with ideas that don't echo the… https://t.co/VO7XZQcVoL
The analysis is as funny as the video. https://t.co/qJUNayjVmk
Good advice from ACLU's People Power. (Not sure the entire video from today is worth the watch.) But the advice is… https://t.co/7XRKtG8cEu
If you missed today's live stream or local house meetings you can still watch ACLU's People Power and learn the bl… https://t.co/RyFiRDa9z2
Creativity is sometimes a huge effort for a small thing. Getting every detail right. It is the the opposite of shi… https://t.co/Zw2G6zbLGV
@NickChilds that is good news.
.@cindygallop You have a new fan and admirer. My most excellent student @nicolelove2017. Thought I would intro you. #peopleIrespect
@NickChilds most people hope to get out of the business
Ben Carson refers to slaves as "immigrants who also dreamed of a better life and prosperity for their children." I… https://t.co/lzRYCvwWmM
Cool and simple idea and way for you to lobby and contact your legislators re any issue. Now you have no excuse. https://t.co/wrywDxZfIL

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