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RT @RohdeD: Trump’s attacks on black athletes are part of his larger culture war. Divide. Inflame. Confuse. Divert. And rule.…
The surprising link between work stress, work styles and low self-esteem.
Do you want what's important? Or what's easy?
How plotting that next adventure could be a real game changer.
3 Tips to Make the Transition to Your New Life Easier.
Grief affects us in multiple ways but how you cope is most important.
What people who feel bad about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other apps have in common.
If you feel like you don't fit in, you're not alone.
In the wake of destruction, remote access to doctors is playing a key role in healthcare.
Headline of the week: “Sorry I can’t go to your thing. I must call my senator to plead for my life”
RT @dkhos: Dear London: we r far from perfect but we have 40k licensed drivers and 3.5mm Londoners depending on us. Pls work w/us to make t…
RT @joshtpm: More troubling is new CBO report suggesting Zenos Paradox may apply to OCare repeal, allowing infinite number of repeal effort…
RT @jessicaschulb: What a spot-on lede
The lowering of the bar of what constitutes good political news: 3rd attempt to make millions of people suffer has been narrowly stopped.
What determines whether you affect the way others think and behave or whether you are ignored?
When the skies fall and floodwaters rise, what happens to people in recovery?
"A 'favorable lifestyle' can lower your risk of heart disease by nearly 50%."
And her take on how to deal with it.
Word of the day (who knew he was quoting Chaucer and Shakespeare?)
New @theirworld scorecard shows pre-primary education receives <1% of ed funding globally. More: #earlyyears #5for5

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