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Go #Yankees
@ScottAdamsSays Dilbert reads Win Bigly and persuades boss to fire himself
who wants to procrastinate?
Yankees what a game
@Monkeykatie123 In-group outgroup bias
@NBCNewsTrends .@nbcnews have u been hacked?
Hr finally on a check swing? #yankees
At least cc sabathia is pitching well
OMG Yankees are horrible dk if I can watch this
doggy excited
RT @profitanywhere: How to use advice from @ScottAdamsSays to find highly profitable skills you never thought you had #business #money http…
After whining for 5 minutes, amazing #dog is too smart. Watch until the end. Pretty #funny
.@alecberg Practicing reading my book on #Success
I'll be periscoping in about 10 minutes to practice for speaking a bookstore on 33 Key Principles for #Success
RT @itstravelsbible: Awesome Makeup
Head shot
RT @CoIIier: Yankees hitters have been absolutely exposed by breaking balls. It’s actually pathetic to be in the MLB and whiff as badly as…
.@eileenwild Thanks for the great podcast with Chandler Bolt. You mention a sales sheet. Is that shared anywhere?
Added 'Elliot Smith (musician) Stabbed/Suicide - 34' to '204 Famous People Who Died Before Their Time'
.@ScottAdamsSays talks about positive thinking and affirmations Sounds like Survivorship Bias

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